Friday, November 20, 2009


Just my imagination
Running away with me... Everything in life for me is a song!! Once my husband was getting gas at the gas station and I made up a song about it!! That is a totally random thought and has absolutely nothing to do with this blogpost.
So on to the point. I am "one of those" moms who doesn't allow her children to watch much TV and the TV that can be watched is monitored. We only get local channels so there really isn't much for them to watch anyways. We have a rule that no TV is allowed on Sundays or school days. That only leaves time to watch on Thursday nights/Friday (no school on Friday) or Saturdays. And when they can watch TV the time is limited. For example this morning they watched The Dinosaur Train and Sesame Street - about an hour and a half and then mommy said the TV goes off. You know the great thing about today - they never even asked to turn it on again. Instead they spent their time using their imagination. And I LOVED it!!! Nathan got out his construction paper and scissors and went to town on making him and Luke police and fireman uniform accessories. Right now they are happily playing in the playroom. I must confess when I was a teenager and would baby-sit and parents would be so strict on their kids TV habits - I would promise to myself never to be like that!! My how the tables turn when you actually have kids!! Here are a few pictures below of their creativity!!
creating a few police accessories
^ the "walkie talkie"

^Luke in his fireman mask Nathan made him along with badge and walkie talkie

Fireman Luke and Police Captain Nathan

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lets be brothers...

Another conversation in the van. Nathan to Luke.

"When we get older lets still be brothers. When we have our own houses we can spend the night at each others houses and give our wives some peace and we can be wild!!"

I promised my friend Suzanne I would write that one down. I am still laughing as I type!! How sweet is that!! Funny he doesn't realize there is no choice in the matter of brotherhood!! And where did he get that wives need peace?? !! He makes me smile!!

I am thankful for the joy God brings me in Nathan form!!
Why does this take me soo long??

Oh I know why I can't blog soo often - I have 3 kids!! I feel like I am always playing catch up. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. Do you other moms have any advice for blogging time??

You will probably laugh but I was just telling a dear friend I want to cut back on my computer time. You're thinking you don't blog regularly in the first place - you are on the computer??!! I feel like I sometimes waste time on here (unless I am blogging - that is how I keep up with what my kids say - because scrapping is not my thing.) I enjoy facebooking, etc. but in that time I could be doing other things - like catching up on reading, going to bed at a decent hour, or just doing whatever might need to still be done. We eliminated cable awhile back so I don't really watch TV anymore but I do like being on the computer especially at night - it is almost like down time to me. So if you think about it pray that I will use my time wisely. This was just a random side note.

Now.. I will give you a brief synopsis of the whats been happenings and bombard you with pictures.

At the beginning of the month we went on a field trip to Isons Farm with Nathans kindergarten class. We had such a fun time - Nathan's favorite part was going inside the tee pee - (my picture of that was kind of dark so - just imagine.) Luke's favorite part was the hayride. And Ethan he was just along for the whole ride :)
Last week was Veterans Day and you know how my fam is about the military!! David and I attended a Veterans Day Ball. We had another Wounded Warrior Benefit night for Mark Allen - I think I may have mentioned hm and the wounded warrior benefits in an earlier post. Lots of funds were raised and of course my boys went decked out in their army uniforms!!
I attended my first Georgia game in Athens this past weekend and had sooo much fun!! What an experience to say the least!! I cannot get over how trashed the campus was when we left - it was rather sad. But how about that game!! Sometimes Nathan tells me to calm down when we are watching the game on local TV - if he could have seen his mama!! Who would have ever thought I would have become such a football fan - boys will do it to you! I didn't have much of a voice at the end of the game!! Go dawgs!
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving feast at Nathan's school so I will have more pictures that will have to make their way to the blog. David and I are reminiscing and going back to Callaways Fantasy in Lights this weekend. And the first week in December is a mad house for me!! But hopefully it won't be too long before you hear from us - who am I kidding I mean me - again!

Friday, November 13, 2009


Okay so I must admit I enjoy blog reading when I have time. It is actually encouraging to read from other moms who share my same joys and struggles. So I read a blog called Monkeys on the Bed I don't even know this bloggers name she goes by Monkeys Mama, but I do know she is a believer and one faithful blogger (unlike myself!) So she has a giveaway on Fridays. I have no idea why I even entered the giveaway I never win anything but I did and one of the things that I could to add my name to the pot a few more times was to post a blog on my website about her blog and giveaway. She is giving away some fabulous things from Etsy. Three to be exact and they are coming from H & J Star Creations, Custom Designs by Nancy, and TableScapes Company. So check out the Monkeys Mama blog and these other etsy sites - you just might find some great holiday gifts!
To-Tell-The Truth Answers

This is waayyy late and I do apologize now you can see why I don't this to often!!

1. When David first asked me out I turned him down.

TRUE!! I actually asked him for a rain check!! I had an agenda that didn't include having a boyfriend at the time. But boy am I sure glad he let me cash the rain check in.

2. I have a "bucket" list.

FALSE. I don't have a list of things I would like to do in my lifetime but my husband does and I would like to do a few things with him on his list.

3. I own a bow and want to hunt a black bear.

TRUE. I do own a bow and have a pretty decent shot if I do say so myself. And yes I very much would like to go bear hunting some day.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Tell -the-Truth Tuesday

or a little late on Monday night... if I don't post right now likely I will forget and some of you have been asking about this so here you go!!

1. When David first asked me out I turned him down.

2. I have a "bucket list."

3. I own a bow and want to hunt for a black bear.

Don't forget to comment and post your answers!! Have a great Tuesday or late Monday night!!
Happy November!!!

This is my absolute most favorite month of the year!!! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday followed closely by Christmas. I just love this time of year!! I love the beautiful color on the trees, I love the cooler weather, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, Christmas music, holiday flavored lattes, I just love it all!!! I used to think summer was my favorite season and I do love the hot weather and the pool and the beach but not as much as I love November - that is just a side note..... Another reason I think I love this time of year - is because it is when I met my husband and fell madly in love with him!! Our actual first date was September 7 and it was just all down hill and googly eyes from there!! I was reminiscing this morning about this and remembered I had written in a CFA calendar (how appropriate right?) every thing we did from September 2001 to January 2002 when we got engaged. I do have a point to this blog - actually two so let me get to them...

1. Recently David made/took a challenge with some CFA co-workers to take their spouse out on a date on the 21st of every month. So he sent me calendar requests for the 21st of every month for the next year - I joked with him I might have to take a raincheck - but that option was not available :). For those of you who don't know - when David first asked me out I told him I needed a raincheck - but that is another story for another blog. If you need details sooner write me and I can tell you all about it! But back to point number 1. So I am all sentimental this morning and actually pulling out the calendar from those first few months of dating - and would you believe it .... we had a date on November 21!!! We went to Callaway Gardens for the Fantasy of Lights show. I had never been and it was such a wonderful date!! We decided this morning to do that for our date night this November!! Isn't that sweet??!! I can't wait!!

2. As I was flipping through the calendar - I noticed a few other things. One in particular was our first kiss on September 30. Do you know what September 30 is? It is Ethan's birthday!! I just thought that was sooo neat!! How funny that six years from the very day we had our first kiss - we had our third baby boy!! I just thought that was something!!

So that is my sentimental blog for now sorry if my thoughts were so scattered!!!! I just have to say it one more time I love this time of year!! And David .... I love you!!! Thanks for making such sweet memories for me!! Below are a few of my favorite date memories. This first is from our date at Callaway - we look soo young!! The second our first trip to NYC -speaking of which we are going for our anniversary in December - more to come on that!! And then the last picture is one of my most favorite date pictures ever - silly we are - getting ready to see an IMAX movie at the TN aquarium.