Thursday, October 22, 2009

When daddy is gone - things always happen.....

Is the same true for you other moms out there who have traveling husbands?? Things always happen when they are gone - its just par for the course. David was gone the latter part of last week and when he called on Thursday night he even asked me if all was okay - no busted how water heater etc. All was fine. I even got a thank you note from CFA in the mail on Friday morning (all the wives got one.) It was a note of gratitude for supporting our husbands while away - and even this note made mention of how it seems crazy things always happen when our husbands are away.

One hour later - Nathan falls flat on his face on our kitchen floor. Now you must know Nathan has a bit of dramatic flair in him. So I casually walked over to him not immediately seeing any blood saying "Nathan its okay - get up and let me see your mouth." Mind you I knew he already had a loose tooth - so I thought at most he probably knocked that loose tooth a bit looser. Well he opens his mouth and there is the blood - and not only has he knocked the tooth that was loose - he has also knocked loose one his front top teeth. It was quite noticeable but I felt it just to be sure - so a call to the dentist ensued - with a trip right behind it. So I quick get a shower and then we all head over to the dentist - and mind you Nathan is still crying at this point - pretty much the whole way to the dentist.

So we get to the dentist and they take the x-rays and then the dentist comes in and looks around and begins to point to teeth that I didn't even think had been affected!!! Nathan ended up have FOUR teeth pulled that morning!! He was such a trooper!!! I have never had to have a shot in my mouth that I can remember and he was just fabulous!! He did cry and it was traumatic but all in all he really did a great job. The dentist did tell me that because the area was already injured due to the fall (his lip was pretty swollen) that the shots were going to hurt much worse than normal - as if he were just having a filling. Something I also don't know about. So I say he was a trooper!!! The hardest part for him was probably the pain and the not eating for awhile part. And then when he could eat it could only be certain things. So we took a trip to the grocery store and I let him pick out a few soft items that we would normally not buy - you know like "McQeen" soup etc (not that there is anything wrong with "McQueen" soup it just is not generic thus a little more expensive.) Poor guy - my teeth/mouth hurt for him.

Daddy came home and later that evening we took Nathan and Luke to see "Where the Wild Things Are." This was Luke's first movie theater experience - he loved the popcorn. And they both enjoyed the movie. We actually ended up running into one of Nathan's friends from school Grady - and they got to sit together. And of course that night Nathan hit the jackpot for his 4 teeth. David had told him when he got his first loose tooth that he would give him $5 for it. So we gave him $10 but we also bought him this knight set from the Christian bookstore that he has been saving his money for. He was thrilled!! Now he has the knight set and he still has his money :)

Saturday was much calmer of course - David was home!! I ran a 5k with my friend Bridget and ran my best time yet. In the afternoon my sister came over and we carved pumpkins. Here are a few pics. Enjoy!


Lauren said...

Bless your heart! I'll definitely say a prayer for you this morning - I'm desperately in need of the very same! It's been one of those down-in-the-trenches weeks, and I'm ashamed to say that my patience is threadbare this morning. :/

Anonymous said...

ohhh i totally understand when the men are gone....things go crazy!!! ;-) its amazing what happens when they are not around.
see you soon!
erin a