Saturday, October 10, 2009


So its been awhile.....a LONG while. So here is the big news - I took a job - one day a week teaching music at Nathans school. I wasn't looking for it - it just kind of fell in my lap. The preschool director called me because she had heard that I used to teach music and wondered if I would be willing to think about coming on staff. I talked it over with David and he was very supportive and I even get to take Luke and Ethan with me. They have a class that they go to while I teach - it really has been great!! It has been soo much fun and rewarding!! I had forgotten how much I really loved teaching!! It kind of makes me want to go back to school and get my masters. But the deal is David gets to go back to school first so if this urge to further my education continues it will have to wait awhile!! I teach on Wednesdays so that makes for a really long day since I teach childrens choir on Wednesday nights at church - but its my passion!! Not only has God given me a gift he is allowing me to use it!! Having this job has definitely opened my eyes to be more grateful for the gift of being a stay at home mom!! I don't know how women work full time and be wives and mothers. I work 4 hours a week and feel behind some days!! Hence the absence of blogging. So what else have I been up to you ask?? Well I go to Ladies Bible study on Tuesday and we are studying Heaven; you know what I do on Wednesdays, and usually Thursday nights I meet with a girl from church here at my house - its a week by week basis - but we go through a book (currently Instructing the Heart of a Child) encourage and pray for one another. So that's whats up with me!!

Now you are probably wondering what is up with everybody else!! Well David is still working hard so I can be a wife and mommy!! He is hoping to get into a hunting stand soon - tis the season!! He is still very involved with helping wounded soldiers returning home. He has a busy next few months which means travel. I have enjoyed having him home for a bit.
Nathan is loving school!! He is doing so well and I have just loved watching him learn new things!! He is starting to sound words out and of course he thinks he can read!! He likes having mommy work at his school. We love his teachers!! Ms. Alleta and Ms. Suzie are perfect for him. He has lots of friends and seems to get along with all his classmates. He especially enjoys doing things with his good friend Madelyn which is a perk for all of us!! He has his first loose tooth - so stay tuned because I am sure it won't be long! Soo funny to me - one is losing teeth and one is cutting teeth!!
Luke - our silly "LuLu" loves going to "school" with mommy and usually gets a bit frustrated he can't go the other 3 days a week!! He is my character!! He is so full of life - there is never a dull moment at home with him. He especially likes to be read to right now and I love that I have the time to read with him. Mostly he just likes to play and love on Ethan- oh to be so carefree again!!
And last but not least Ethan - well he just turned 1!!! Can you believe it?? Well you will have to hold tight - because he deserves a post alone for this milestone!!

So what have you been doing??

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Lauren said...

Congrats on the job! That's exciting, and it's sweet to hear when people have a passion for teaching. :)