Saturday, September 19, 2009

Apple Pickin'

Nathan: "Dad I didn't know apples came from trees...... I thought they came in a bag..... like at Kroger."

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Guess what day it is?

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Saturday, September 5, 2009


One of my favorite things to do is read. I could easily get lost in a Borders or Barnes and Noble if I were ever to be alone in one of them :) A great cup of coffee in a bookstore with a great book sounds soo exciting too me!!

I could never understand how so many of my friends could read multiple books at a time - especially my husband sometimes he has 5 going on at the same time. I would always say to him "you are never going to finish any of those books!!" Well guess what I am joining your ranks. I think I have 3 that I have started and am wanting to start another one!! At least all three of these books have the same subject matter so I am not getting confused. But someone help me - how do you keep up and how do you finish any of them. Remember I have 3 boys of who are age 5 and under. Can someone share with me how I can finish these books and possibly be successful at reading multiple books at a time! TELL ME PLEASE!