Thursday, August 27, 2009

Imagination at work....

I love the age my boys are right now!! Nathan and Luke play so well together and Ethan just observes them giggling every now and then. One of my most favorite sounds is hearing them make each other laugh - there is no other sound quite like it! And of course I myself and secretly giggling as I hear them play. They love to play "ertend" as Luke so preciously calls pretend. "Let's go to Monkey Joes mommy!" "No Luke we can't go to Monkey Joes." "No mommy just ertend!" It is just so cute!! They make up tents with blankets and call it their secret clubhouse and there is a password you have to use to get in. They play firemen and bug guys and army men. Oh their imagination just soars!

Yesterday as we were on our way to school Nathan informs me that one time with his mimi he saw a "pedicure truck." He continues to talk about seeing a "pedicure truck" and then he mentions seeing police cars, ambulances, fire trucks etc. So finally I asked him what is a "pedicure truck?" To which he replies : "you know mom it's like an ambulance." AHA - he is trying to say a paramedic truck!! I just thought this was soo funny and I knew if I didn't write it down I would forget one day.

So what is going on in your world friends?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

LOVE being a stay home mom!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And We're Off!!

To kindergarten!! Today was Nathan's first day of school. He is attending kindergarten at Fayetteville First Baptist - which is where he attended pre-school last year. He will go Monday - Thursday from 8:30-12:30. Yesterday we had orientation and met his teachers Mrs. Alleta and Mrs. Suzie. Nathan is soo excited. His class has 8 boys and 4 girls - wow!! We have good friends from CFA Madelyn and Andrew in our class. When we got home from orientation yesterday Nathan said - "oh mom Mrs. Alleta is great - she is going to be such a great teacher!"

He was so excited about going to school this morning and had such a great time he wanted to go back after lunch! We are so thankful for Nathan's eagerness to learn!! I can remember when he was a little baby wondering what it would be like when he was 5 and here it is!! I did well - no tears just a little nostalgic! We are so blessed that God has given us wonderful teachers to help Nathan through kindergarten. I am praying that Nathan will be an example of Christ and His love for us.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tell-the-Truth Answers

Sorry again for the delay - busy times!

1. I have recently met someone famous.

TRUE!! When I was in NYC last April David and I were in a music store and I spotted someone I thought to look very familiar!! Here is the ridiculous part - I asked her if she was from Fayetteville!! David and I laugh about this all the time!! Turns out she was an actress - her name is Lynn Whitefield and she has played in some movies I have seen. Hence the familiarity!

2. I met my husband at the ice cream machine and then a few days later proceeded to spill a whole pitcher of tea on him and some of his friends.

TRUE. We did meet at the ice cream machine - romantic isn't it :) and I did unfortunately spill a whole pitcher of tea on him and a friend.

3. My favorite book of the Bible is Psalms.

FALSE. My favorite book hands down is Colossians!! Oh the supremacy of Christ!!

There you have it readers!! Hope you all are doing well! Have a great one!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


My favorite salad recipe ever!! Compliments of my dear friend Natalie!

1 bag Spring Mix Salad
strawberries (cut and diced) -
cherry tomatoes (cut in half)
feta cheese
dried cranberries
nut of choice (I use glazed pecans)

1/2 cup of oil
1/2 cup lemon juice
1 TBSP garlic salt
2 TSP parsley

I love this salad!! And just a word for you bargain shoppers I can buy all of these ingredients at Aldi's for half the price I would pay at the grocery store or Walmart. And.. I just use half the pint of strawberries, tomatoes and half the containers of feta, cranberries and nuts then I just buy an extra bag of salad and have more for my money!! I can't use many nuts in the first place because too many can give me a headache and you can use plain ones I just happen to like the glazed ones much better! And the salad dressing goes a long way - I don't use much of it at all so it lasts for a while!! So what is your favorite salad recipe??
Tell-the-Truth Thursday...

So I am a few days late and I am doing this today because so many friends have wondered what happened to my silly little quiz!! 3 boys - that's what happens!! But here you guys go! I will try to get back in my Tuesday habit! Enjoy for now and don't forget to leave your answers in the comments section!

1. I have recently met someone who is famous.

2. I met my husband at the ice cream machine and then a few days later proceeded to spill a whole pitcher of tea on him and his friends.

3. Psalms is my favorite book of the Bible.

Let me hear from you!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

200 Posts!! Woo Hoo!!

Sounds silly but I am a bit excited about having written 200 blog posts. And in all honesty I have been racking my brains for a few days about what I should post on such a momentous blog occasion. I didn't even do anything for 100 posts I don't even think I noticed when I hit 100. So I wanted this to be "just the right" blog. I know I know silly! There are definitely more important things in life. However last night just the right "topic" fell right into my lap.

I have recently been thinking about what a servant my husband is. And again if I am really honest - I thought to myself - he is going to have such crowns in heaven - and because we are married - of course my earthly nature wants to be near him in heaven and my thinking went on ...just because I am married to him does not automatically make me as giving or as serving as he is so I might not be rewarded like I know he will be in heaven -so what if I don't get to be near him. All that to say the holy spirit has really convicted me through the gracious and kind acts of my husband. I am thankful that God is so merciful and uses people in our everyday lives to ultimately draw us closer to Him and bring glory and honor to Himself. Thank you for continuing to bear with me as I write this.

So here is a glimpse of the wonderful servant heart of my husband. We both grow up in military families - so we are both drawn to very much support our armed forces. But David just goes above and beyond (one of those things I want to be better at) Last night the Fayetteville Dwarf House and Upscale Pizza held a benefit night for a family of a soldier who was wounded recently in Afghanistan. We have never met this family just have the connection through a dear friend and co-worker from Chick-fil-A who is currently serving in Afghanistan as well. David does not like to be praised or applauded for anything he does - but he did help to arrange these events (for all I know he may have arranged all of it - but I will never know as he would never tell even if he did.) I do know he sent multiple emails, facebook messages, etc to help get the word out. Both stores were able to raise $3000 dollars for this family. Isn't that great!!! David also sends out packages to friends we know serving overseas. And he is always sure to thank anyone he sees in uniform. This is a character trait that he has passed along to our children as you see in the picture below - Nathan is saluting a soldier he sees in uniform. I am so thankful for David and the things that he teaches our children. But ultimately I am thankful to God for making David this way and gearing his heart toward acts of service. And thankful for His grace - it isn't just because we are teaching our children to have respect towards others - especially those who make such sacrifices such as serving in the armed forces - it is by His grace that this happens.Check Spelling
So there you have it - my 200th post. Thank you David - for being a wonderful husband and a great example of Jesus - THE ultimate servant - to me and our boys. And THANK YOU soo much soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines and your families - we are grateful for your sacrifice!!!