Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Will work for food!

Poor little Ethan having to work for his snack! Let me start by saying Ethan has not really started crawling yet - he gets on all fours and will usually roll around to whatever he wants to get to. However the other day we discovered that if we put a little gerber puff (you know one of those little snacks that melts in your mouth) in front of him he will crawl for it. Remember he LOVES food! Of course my children are quite amused by this - ok I am little amused as well. I tried to take a few video shots tonight - try being the operative word - most of the time Nathan was all in front of Ethan and Luke just kept whining that he wanted to give Ethan a puff. I did get a cute little clip though. I will try again some other time - it's quite cute if I do say so myself!


Tiffany said...

That is adorable!!!

Lauren said...

Hilarious! And how do you know Mike Satterfield?? I saw you had commented on his post re Osteen on facebook. :o)

Anonymous said...

Look at him go! What a cutie-pie! :)