Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tell-the-Truth Answers

Here are the answers from yesterday's "quiz."

1. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a lawyer, a nurse, and a singer - not necessarily all at the same time.

True! I did want to be all those things when I was a little girl. And well I ended up being a teacher - and my philosophy on that is that I got to teach future lawyers, nurses, and singers. Can't beat that - can you? But really all I ever wanted was the job I have now : wife and mommy and it is the best job in the world!!

2. I love to chew gum.

False! In fact I don't like to chew gum. I like gum for about 2 minutes - once the flavor is gone - the gum is gone. I really shouldn't waste our money on gum - but it is a breath saver - I know get mints - I hear ya!

3. I played on the JV and Varsity Softball team in high school.

False! As I made that one up yesterday - I was in rolls of laughter!! Still am!! I don't know who thought this was funnier me or David! Probably me because I love to giggle!! Thumbs up to you all that thought I was soo athletic! David said one might think it was true because I run and cycle etc. However it is most definitely FALSE FALSE FALSE - just watch me throw a ball!

I think I had too much fun with this!! Thanks Lauren for the idea!!

I have many more thoughts roaming around in my head that are I think blogworthy but they will have to wait for now - the laundry is looking at me and it just won't fold itself! Have a great one!

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