Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tell-The-Truth Answers

1. In our family - I cut the grass. In fact I am obsessed about how our yard looks - always planting something new out there.

FALSE! I do not cut the grass. The one time I tried to do this good deed for my husband things didn't go so well. I know this made my friend Angie tickled!!

2. I have eaten things unknown to me.

TRUE. I have been out of the country a few times and I am quite sure when I was in Asia I ate things and I didn't know what they were. And to be honest I think it is just better that way.

3. Today I am exactly 31 and a half.

FALSE. I actually turned 30 and a half yesterday. The funny thing is when I was reading all of your answers I thought number 3 isn't supposed to be false. I really meant to type 30 and a half but I made a typing error. Oh well. Stay tuned for next week - I am sure I will think of some other random true/false statements about me. Thanks for reading!!

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