Monday, July 13, 2009

Sweet Baby Ethan

Is GROWING way too fast! He turned 9 months on June 30 and I feel like my baby will not be a baby too much longer. He has finally started gaining some weight he is almost 17 llbs - in the 5th percentile and he gained 2 inches! God created this little being and continues to grow him showing His power and glory. When I think of where Ethan began in my womb and how God knit him in there and how his little body continues to grow I am amazed - there are soo many intricacies to creation - we just have no idea. Praise be to God!! In the past month Ethan has begun sitting up, he has two sparkly white teeth, he LOVES to eat and enjoys playing on the floor with his brothers. In fact the other day he was quite fascinated by a toy gun - all boy!! I have heard before there is nothing like the laughter you hear from your children when they are making each other laugh and I must agree with this statement. He is such a sweet baby and I am so blessed God has given him to me and allowed me to be his mother. I could just eat those cheeks up!! Ethan mommy loves you soo much!!

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