Friday, April 3, 2009

Six Months

Can it be!!??? My baby is officially six months old!! Where does the time go? I know I say that all too often but seriously!! My sweet little Ethan turned six months on March 30 weighing in at 12lbs 5 0z and 25 inches long. Tiny and long! He has such a little personality now!! He likes to make noise and he loves his brothers. He watches us all very intently. He is quite fond of Lily our cat. He is grabbing at all sorts of toys and likes to watch himsefl in the mirror. He has a smile and laugh that will just melt your heart!! What a sweet baby!!! Did I mention he is a total mama's boy :) When I think of him and my other sweet boys I can't help but gush with emotion. How blessed I am and thankful for these precious gifts that God has entrusted to us!!We are so thankful to God for Ethan and the joy he has added to our family.

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Chris and Abby said...

I cannot believe Ethan is 6 months old!! I feel like he's only been here for a month! lol. Time flies.