Thursday, April 30, 2009

Boys will be boys

I can recall a time where upon finding my boys in the dirt I would have cringed and a bath would have immediately ensued. I have come a long ways ask anyone who knows me well. They are happily playing in the dirt and its ALL OVER them! I am happily just watching!
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Nathan has said some really funny things lately so I just have to post them so I don't forget.

1. I got my hair cut and highlighted last week. I came in the door and this is his response. "Oooh Mom I like your hair - did you get it painted?"

2. I don't remember all the details of this conversation but in Sunday School yesterday Nathan learned that King Solomon had turned his heart away from God and put his focus on other things one of them being money. He had many questions wondering what this truly meant so I explained to him that Solomon loved his money more than he loved God. And I told him that some people love their things more than they love God and what he did for us. His response "Well I love Jesus more than I love my sunglasses - but I sure do like my sunglasses." This is soo funny to me because he picked these sunglasses out at the dollar store with some birthday money and they aren't really kids sunglasses and he has lost them 3 times just since last week!! It was just really humorous!!

3. Last night we come home from church and see a rabbit in our yard. The kids look at intently. Soon Nathan wants to kill it so we can have "rabbit meat" to eat. "Dad if you go kill it now we can have rabbit meat for dinner. Do you have your handgun in your pocket?" Can you tell my husband is a hunter!!

So thankful for silly Nathan!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Quick update

I am thankful and happy to report all is well on the Pruiksma front! Thank you so much for your prayers during this last month. Today I had the kidney stent removed and I feel soooo much better! Dave has been such a huge help here around the house and with the kids!! I am soo grateful!! What I am more thankful for is God and his tender mercy. Feeling bad and being in pain puts many things into perspective. Good health is truly a gift from God. How blessed we are in so many ways.

We are having big home projects completed as we speak - new roof - thanks to the hail, and we are having tile and new carpet put in the playroom - a long awaited project - I am very happy to see come to fruition.

Only a few more weeks and I am off to the big apple - NYC!! Not much else to report. Here is a recent picture of my growing boys. I have much to be thankful for.
Gonna sleep on the top bunk with big brother!

Six Months

Can it be!!??? My baby is officially six months old!! Where does the time go? I know I say that all too often but seriously!! My sweet little Ethan turned six months on March 30 weighing in at 12lbs 5 0z and 25 inches long. Tiny and long! He has such a little personality now!! He likes to make noise and he loves his brothers. He watches us all very intently. He is quite fond of Lily our cat. He is grabbing at all sorts of toys and likes to watch himsefl in the mirror. He has a smile and laugh that will just melt your heart!! What a sweet baby!!! Did I mention he is a total mama's boy :) When I think of him and my other sweet boys I can't help but gush with emotion. How blessed I am and thankful for these precious gifts that God has entrusted to us!!We are so thankful to God for Ethan and the joy he has added to our family.