Saturday, March 14, 2009

I would rather give birth.....

So I have heard that having a baby is much less painful than a kidney stone - well I can now testify to that!! I would rather give birth to multiple babies than do this again!!

As many of you have heard by now last Thursday I found out I have a kidney stone!! You know my back had been hurting for a few weeks but I honestly thought it was due to my working out and caring for 3 boys and turning the dreaded 30. I never would have thought about a kidney stone. Even on Wednesday night when my back was hurting it just didn't seem like that big of a deal! I was carrying on as normal at church and all. BUT I am here to tell you Thursday morning I thought I was not going to make it - a little dramatic I know - but I have never felt pain like that!! I am so thankful for God's faithfulness in providing someone to take Nathan to school, for my mom being available to watch my kids, and for my dear friend Debbie calling me at just the right time. Her daughter had just had a kidney stone a week ago and she knew exactly how to help me. She took me to the ER and waited with me patiently until my husband could get back in town. I am so thankful for the body of Christ!!

So here is the update. I am home now fighting an infection. The stone is 7mm in size which is rather big in the kidney stone world. I have a less than 10% chance of passing it and it was causing 100% blockage - hence the infection. So while I was at the hospital Thursday they took me into surgery and put a stint in to help relieve some of the blockage. I received IV antibiotics there and I am taking a round of antibiotics here at home and they thankfully sent me home with some pain meds. The Doctor did not want to blast the stone while I had infection because of the risk of greater infection. So I return to the Dr. on Thursday and hopefully the infection will be gone and I will get into surgery soon to get the stone removed! Who knew something so small could cause so much pain?? I have a new found sympathy/empathy for those who have had kidney stones. I am so thankful to God and his mercy and that I am in the states where I am provided great medical care!! Thanks for all your prayers!!


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about this. I feel for you!! In 10th grade I had a kidney stone. I was lucky to be able to pass it, but I have never had pain like that. I was sick to my stomach and all that, just from the pain. I know this is hard with 3 active boys around, but so glad you have great friends around to help out. We'll be praying for you!
~Courtney Raines

Chris and Abby said...

I am definitely praying for you. My mom has a lot of trouble with kidney stones- actually her story is similar to yours... 100% blockage, stint, then the blasting. I hope that the pain goes away for you. Thinking about you!!!