Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oh the places we go...

I am still chuckling as I think about my afternoon with Nathan. You should first know two things.

1. Those of you that know me know I am a party animal! Out everynight - you know I am not busy at all with 3 BOYS all under the age of 4 - I have plenty of time to be going out and about ... NOT!
2. If you are familiar with the ATL area then you know the best place to party so I have heard is Buckhead - you know since I am such a party queen I should know this.....

Now this afternoon Nathan and I are hanging out in the playroom and he suddenly says to me "Mom I am about to go and meet my dude (thanks Mike Work!!) up in Buckhill." I am laughing thinking to myself he must have meant Buckhead and what does he even know about Buckhead - we never talk about that city much less go there unless David is spoiling me once again with a date at a great place to eat!! So he goes on and on and on about him and his dude going up to "Buckhill" when suddenly he has come back and precedes to tell me he and his dude saw the biggest bucks!! Hello me - what was I thinking that "Buckhill" could mean anything else besides a place where you see big bucks!! Oh my little hunter - thinking about those deer even when the season is over!! I am just laughing out loud right now because this was soo funny - hope you thought so!

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Anonymous said...

Very Cute, Leighann. Raisen Right! :)
Have a great day!