Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just an FYI

I added to my bloglist two women I don't really know at all but find their blogs very entertaining!! Boomama and Whitaker Woman. Whitaker woman was on several blogs of friends I read and then Boomama was on Whitaker woman. Not that any of this really matters to any of you but just thought I would tell you. Really I am NOT a blogstalker. I know the other people on my bloglist fairly well. And like the post says this was really just an fyi! Well ...... I have one kid making random noises over here, one practically throwing his tennis shoes on me so I will help him get dressed and one running around in his PJ shirt and underwear!! So I better get going and get on with the day got to get Nathan off to school, workout, laundry.... you know the list goes on. What are you up to today!!??

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Jennifer W Johnson said...

I just enjoy your blog! Its a great way to keep up with you guys.