Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cocoa Pepsies...

Daddy bought the boys a special treat this weekend to have for breakfast one day this week as he is going to be gone and the kids love to find things daddy has left them. They love cereal and we don't buy the super sugary kind very often. David had told me he hid them in the pantry and maybe they would find them one day this week. Well one day turned into this morning!! I went downstairs as it was all quite only to find Nathan making himself a sandwich - I must say the kid has been paying attention to the sandwich making! And Luke is proceeding to open the box of "Cocoa Pepsies." Yep that is what Nathan affectionately called them this morning! I was laughing all the way upstairs to tell David. I was probably laughing for a number of reasons - after all both of my boys were downstairs trying to fix their own breakfast! Apparently I wasn't moving fast enough!! The funny thing about the "Cocoa Pepsies" is Nathan specifically says "these aren't the chocolate kind Luke they come in another box!" Silly mommy I have always either called them Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles!! But what do moms know??!!

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