Sunday, January 11, 2009


If you have children or ever plan to have children and you are a woman you have probably spent hours upon hours carefully thinking about what you would name your children at least if you are like me. When I was younger I carefully planned out all my future childrens names - none of those names have actually come into existence in my children - funny huh!? When I was in my planning I obviously gave no thought to what my future husband might want to name our children.
Of course once the time came to pick out names for our kids we did so together and I don't think we could have chosen better names - just my personal opinion. I know you must be wondering where this is going ... I do have a story...... One day we were talking about names and we told Nathan that his "real" name was Nathanael Allen Pruiksma , he of course argued with us for a few minutes telling us his name was Nathan and the we tried to explain to him that his name was Nathan but it was also Nathanael - he ended up in tears. I mean serious all out crying over this. To this day he will tell you his name is NATHAN! Then the other day I was talking to Luke and happened to call him "angel" and he promptly informed me he was not "angel" ...this part I am aware of ;) I should have said mischievous ... i still would have received the same answer because he informed me he was "Newt" which is what he calls himself. So I guess the names we picked they liked - good thing since they have to live with them. Wonder if Ethan will be as attached to his name. Do you have any names you are particularly fond of?

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