Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009

I am sitting here next to Luke who has been talking to me non-stop as I catch up on other blogs and I realize I must catch up Hopefully I will get to this sometime soon. For now if you have facebook I have posted some recent pics on there. Hey Amy Cathy if you happen to read this can you tell me how to send pics from my new blackberry to this blog site - I read that you helped Connie!! Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!

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Amy said...

hello friend!
ok here's how you do it...
1.) go to your blog
2.) go to "customize" - top right corner
3.) go to settings
4.) go to email
5.) under "mail to blogger address" create an email address. example:
6.) save your changes
7.) go to your NEW BLACKBERRY (yay!) and create a new contact. title the new contact "blog" and put in the email address you created above for example: "" and save that contact
8.) then whenever you take a picture with your new BB, choose the option to email the picture and then you just type "blog" in the "to" line on the email
**Just remember, whatever the subject line is on the email will be the title of the blog post from your phone.
Hope this works!