Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Birthday fun

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

I finally found my thumb

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ice cream date

Nathan and Madelyn chatting over CFA ice cream. That's how David and I met.....
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

I've got it mom

Our kids sit in church with us (with the exception of Ethan) and today was no different even though daddy is out of town. Well I was helping Nathan find the text in his Bible and we started in Revelations 5 so I opened his Bible to that page and then our Pastor moved over to Ephesians 2 so I asked Nathan if I could help him find it - he promptly told me "I've got it mom." I looked over to see where he was and he was in Revelations 2 - I was so proud of him for listening and looking to see what he could find .. he had turned his page back and found the 2nd chapter... yes it was the wrong book - but it was the effort that was put forth!! So glad little seeds are being planted!!

A musician in the making.....

Both boys got a guitar for Christmas - Luke loves to play with both. You will notice in the background he had to get something that resembled a guitar stand - thanks to my fellow Berachah musicians - he is learning much about the guitar!!

Speaking of handy work

We had this put on the wall in our playroom. Shout out to Chad and Sarah Payne. Chad made this for us and then he and Sarah came and put it up in our playroom!! This picture does not do it justice at all!! It is AWESOME!! I too would absolutely reccomend them to you for all your sign needs!! Funny we know them through CFA too!! Isn't life great!!

A handy man in the making...

We had to have some closet doors repaired and lets just say my kids - especially Nathan - were fascinated by the whole experience. He got his tools out and went right to "work!" I have to give a shout out to Brad, Lisa and Kevin our actual repair team!! They were so awesome and anytime I need something done - I will call them again!! They were so gracious - you know Nathan can talk your ear off and he sure gave them an afternoon full!! If you ever need some work done on your house let me know - they are fantastic and come highly recommended - after all we know them through CFA!!

Pajama Day...

Nathan had pajama day at school last Wednesday and he was oh so excited!! Everyday up until Wednesday he would ask me how many more days until I can wear my pajamas to school! He got to obviously dress in his pj's - he wore his favorite "feet" pajamas - took his camou sleeping bag, his nini (blankie) and a favorite book - he took "The Tiger In My Closet." He had such a fun day! Mommy sometimes wishes she could have pajama day!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Busted and swollen lip - These are the kinds of things that happen when daddy goes out of town.

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Seminar Sadness......

I am now getting sad that I will not be able to attend CFA's annual seminar in February which this year happens to be in Long Beach, CA. It was my choice not to go this year. I chose to stay home because I just felt that was the right thing to do - especially since Ethan will only be 4 months old. I still feel like I am doing the right thing. I can't imagine leaving him for a week being 4-5 hours away by plane. Besides the fact that he nurses so well. I knew when time began to get closer I would be a little sad and I am. I will dearly miss the fellowship with my CFA family especially the Dwarf/Truetts gang! I am sure they will have loads of fun and I look forward to hearing all about it! For now I will just be a little bummed and I will get over it. In the end I know I have made the right decision - after all my kids are my top priority and they are only little once!

Monday, January 12, 2009


I know this is very random. But the thoughts were in my head so why not put them out in the blog sphere (is that even a word?) So Oprah has her favorite things and I have my top favorite chapsticks. I love chapstick that instantly makes your lips feel better. So here they are
1. Burts Bees - by far my top favorite even if it makes your lips look white!
2. Natural Ice - the cherry flavored kind
3 Carmex - Nathan says it makes me smell like cotton candy - that's not so bad is it?
4. Blistex
That's it. Pretty random I told you... so what is your favorite chapstick?

Sunday, January 11, 2009


If you have children or ever plan to have children and you are a woman you have probably spent hours upon hours carefully thinking about what you would name your children at least if you are like me. When I was younger I carefully planned out all my future childrens names - none of those names have actually come into existence in my children - funny huh!? When I was in my planning I obviously gave no thought to what my future husband might want to name our children.
Of course once the time came to pick out names for our kids we did so together and I don't think we could have chosen better names - just my personal opinion. I know you must be wondering where this is going ... I do have a story...... One day we were talking about names and we told Nathan that his "real" name was Nathanael Allen Pruiksma , he of course argued with us for a few minutes telling us his name was Nathan and the we tried to explain to him that his name was Nathan but it was also Nathanael - he ended up in tears. I mean serious all out crying over this. To this day he will tell you his name is NATHAN! Then the other day I was talking to Luke and happened to call him "angel" and he promptly informed me he was not "angel" ...this part I am aware of ;) I should have said mischievous ... i still would have received the same answer because he informed me he was "Newt" which is what he calls himself. So I guess the names we picked they liked - good thing since they have to live with them. Wonder if Ethan will be as attached to his name. Do you have any names you are particularly fond of?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Always Forgiven

love the words to this song.....I most definitely needed to be reminded tonight...check out Sovereign Grace Ministries to hear it....

I don’t deserve to be Your servant
And how much less to be Your child
Anger and wrath, sure condemnation
Should be my portion, my just reward
Never have seen it, never will know it
Your loving kindness enfolds my life

All You have shown me is
Grace, love and mercy
Now and forever I am Your child
Freely You pour outYour loving kindness
Father of grace
You welcome me in

All of the sin I have committed
Was placed upon Your righteous Son
And now You see me through His perfection
As if I’d never done any wrong
Always forgiven, always accepted
No fear of judgment before Your throne

Goodnight Gorilla...

I know you must be wondering...... "Goodnight Gorilla?" Well let me tell you it is Luke's absolute favorite book - thanks to the Ferst Foundation. This is a literacy foundation that sends all three of my kids books in the mail once a month for free!! It is so much his favorite that the first copy of it is tattered and torn ... in fact I almost threw it away but decided for sentimental reasons to keep it and put it along side his baby book which is half empty but that is another story. Fortunately when I called the foundation to sign Ethan up I was telling the girl on the phone how much Luke loved Goodnight Gorilla and how we read it all the time so much so that it was getting to be unreadable.... you will not believe it but she sent us another copy - FREE and wrote Luke a sweet letter about reading. This was was in my book no pun intended second mile service - as if getting free books wasn't already going the second mile??!! Well I happened to be in Target with my mom before Christmas and you won't believe what is on video... you guessed it Goodnight Gorilla!! So needless to say he got it for Christmas and we watched it tonight. It is only about 8 minutes long so we watched it twice and he sat on the couch with his book while he watched!! It was so precious. After watching I of course had to read it to him and I always have him help me read it because now he knows it by heart. So when we come to each animal I ask him what kind of animal it is and tonight when we got to the Lion he says "that's a lion - probably Aslan." For those of you who don't know Aslan is from The Chronicles of Narnia. It was humorous to me not so much the Aslan part but the probably in front of Aslan.... So now if you can get a hold of a copy go read Goodnight Gorilla and if you haven't seen either Narnia movies - watch those too!! Let us know what you think!! (Amy -you should be proud several posts in a row!!)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Thank you Amy

Ethan and I say thank you - we did it!
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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Always playing catch up...

So it seems to me since we added a baby to the mix I am always playing catch up ... on everything .. house cleaning, laundry, picture taking, sewing, and obviously blogging! I keep telling myself if I would just post as things came along as opposed to letting pictures and memories all pile up. Since my last post we have had Thanksgiving, anniversaries, birthdays, play dates, parties, musicals, more parties, cookie baking, Christmas and a new year!! I will try to update you as best as possible without writing a novel.

This past week Ethan turned 3 months old. I can't believe how fast time is flying by!! He is such a sweet baby!! He has the most precious smile!! He recognizes me and it just melts my heart. I have even heard a laugh or two. He has been on the search for his thumb - taking after his brothers. He got an activity mat for Christmas and just loves to be on it. Other than that he still just eats and sleeps - what a life!!

Luke - hold on is what I tell myself when I am with him which is 24/7!! He is as busy as a bee always into something. We recently potty trained and he is doing so well - I am sooo grateful! Now that he goes "potty" he thinks he is ready for school. His vocabulary is expanding and he says so many funny things. He absolutely loves music. He is always singing - not always the right lyrics but he definitely has a song in his heart!! He has an insane fetish with cell phones - he got several for Christmas!! He is so full of life and excitement!!

School has been out for the last two weeks and Nathan is loving life! He is doing so well in school and mommy just loves seeing him learn. I love the excitement in his voice when he thinks he has figured something out. For example a few weeks ago they were learning the letter "m" and at one point in the afternoon we were talking about words that start with "m" well after I had put him to bed he hollered to me "Mom I know what else starts with "m"...... "mvelope"! He was so thrilled to have figured one out. It was priceless. He is still very much into guns and camou!! And he got some of both for Christmas. We are still in the phase where he asks everyday if he can wear his camou clothes!! I cannot believe my eyes when I look at him sometimes. Where did the time go??

David is still loving his job at CFA. It just seems like yesterday he got his promotion to BC (business consultant) and here it has been exactly a year. He has been home this month but will hit the road again in January. And of course there is seminar in February which I will unfortunately miss this year. He has done alot of hunting this season but no meat in our freezer. The season ended this week here in GA but he has one last trip he will take this month in AL.

Me - I am just playing "catch up"!! And feeling very blessed. I love life and being able to watch my children grow every day. I am thankful to God for the special privilege I have of being a mommy.

Well that is what is up with us for the moment. I know I always say this but I will try to be a more diligent blogger :) I hope you my dear friends and readers had a most wonderful blessed holiday season! I am praying that 2009 brings you much joy and happiness as we all wait patiently upon our God and King! May we live our lives in such a way that brings honor and glory to the risen King!!

Happy 2009

I am sitting here next to Luke who has been talking to me non-stop as I catch up on other blogs and I realize I must catch up Hopefully I will get to this sometime soon. For now if you have facebook I have posted some recent pics on there. Hey Amy Cathy if you happen to read this can you tell me how to send pics from my new blackberry to this blog site - I read that you helped Connie!! Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!