Monday, November 17, 2008

Mischief part II

Soo.......I have been tracking back time to see how mischievous my little Luke is these are the things I can remember..... the last few being just in this week.....

1. dumps out the contents of my purse - eats all my little york peppermints - busted with a super chocolatey face

2. hides all of our important electronics (ie blackberry, ipod) in the back of the pantry along with stashing a few oreo cookies

3. dumps out the contents of my purse again (I am putting this to what I thought was out of reach) eating the entire travel sized bottle of tums. "yummy candy mommy..."

4. colors on himself with marker

5. tips over the cradle with Ethan in it - Ethan is fine - please do not call dfacs :)

6. dumps the cereal out onto the floor and all over in the pantry (I know I should get a lock for this door)

7. unrolls a roll of paper towels into the toilet

8. colors on self again this time with a sharpie "i color on newt mommy" newt is what he calls himself because apparently it sounds very much like Luke.

I am sure there are other things that I am just not remembering. You are probably wondering what in the world kind of parent I am that he gets into this much mischief. I often wonder myself. But you cannot leave this kid alone for one second!!! Let's hope Ethan's personality is not as mischievous as Lukes!!

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Amy said...

I actually laughed out loud on most of these! He is a little mischievous! It reminded me of all the crazy things my sister used to do when she was little (she's 17 now, wow!) But my mom would do things to "prevent" her mischievousness and then she would tell us, "Don't you dare tell a SOUL what I did! They will call DEFACS on us!" HAHA!