Monday, November 24, 2008

My favorite time of year....

This is absolutely hands down my most favorite time of the year!!! I love Thanksgiving and I am a Christmas fanatic!!! And to have cold weather this time of year is fabulous and a bit unusual!! David put a fire in the fireplace the other night and the boys were just fascinated - more so Luke than Nathan - but both were enthralled!! I decided to make us some hot chocolate. Yummo!! Of course both boys had to have some!

Hot chocolate and fire places make me think of the Winshape Retreat Center. If you ever have the opportunity to visit - please do so!!


As most of you know Nathan made a trip to the emergency room at Scottish Rite this past week. We are very grateful that Nathan did not have an appendicitis as we had expected - he did however have pneumonia. He missed most of school last week but we allowed him to go on Thursday so he could take part in their Thanksgiving Feast. While he was at school the class was going to be going outside and Nathan told Ms. Dana one of his teachers that he had to wear his hat outside because he didn't want to get "ammonia" and have to go back to the hospital!!

This is a recent picture of him one morning before church. It was actually probably several weeks ago seeing as how I have had sick kids the past few weeks! Isn't he so handsome!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mischief part II

Soo.......I have been tracking back time to see how mischievous my little Luke is these are the things I can remember..... the last few being just in this week.....

1. dumps out the contents of my purse - eats all my little york peppermints - busted with a super chocolatey face

2. hides all of our important electronics (ie blackberry, ipod) in the back of the pantry along with stashing a few oreo cookies

3. dumps out the contents of my purse again (I am putting this to what I thought was out of reach) eating the entire travel sized bottle of tums. "yummy candy mommy..."

4. colors on himself with marker

5. tips over the cradle with Ethan in it - Ethan is fine - please do not call dfacs :)

6. dumps the cereal out onto the floor and all over in the pantry (I know I should get a lock for this door)

7. unrolls a roll of paper towels into the toilet

8. colors on self again this time with a sharpie "i color on newt mommy" newt is what he calls himself because apparently it sounds very much like Luke.

I am sure there are other things that I am just not remembering. You are probably wondering what in the world kind of parent I am that he gets into this much mischief. I often wonder myself. But you cannot leave this kid alone for one second!!! Let's hope Ethan's personality is not as mischievous as Lukes!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


This is what happens when I nurse Ethan. Luke gets into all sorts of things. Mischief is his middle name. Thankfully the walls and carpet were spared he only colored all over himself with markers - particularly orange and brown.


I know I have said before that I have the best husband ever - but it is sooo true!! You are probably wondering what he did this time so let me just tell you!!

As you know he travels a good bit and we just had a baby so you can imagine it has been awhile since we have been on a date. So about a week ago after he had been on a trip he said he wanted to take me out somewhere nice because you know he gets to do nice things when he is out of town - you have seen the pictures! Really though it doesn't bother me. I was fine with going out but I thought we should just stay local and hit up the Olive Garden or something - at this point in my life anything out with my hubby was going to be considered fine dining. Besides we were going to have to take Ethan anyway so close was fine with me - but no David insists we go to Maggiano's. I actually tried to talk him out of it and really I tried to reschedule the date - he had told me he was going to be pushing getting home because of meetings and such and that I should wear something a little nice so we are not mismatched so to speak. I could not understand why just not reschedule - but no - I must admit this had be wondering. But he closed that suspicion when he told my mom we would be home by 8. See I had been really wanting to see the musical Wicked and it was going to be playing at the Fox in Atlanta so I thought maybe but like I said he told my mom we would be home early so I didn't think twice about it. Besides he had said to me awhile back when I told him I wanted to see it that he would rather wait and see it in NYC and how would I watch a show with a baby so I really didn't think another thing about it.

So on our date night we head out to Maggiano's - David, myself and Ethan. And I was sooo tired!! I can remember thinking on the way I hope I am at least decent conversation since we are going all the way to Buckhead to eat!!! We arrive and I need to feed Ethan... I want to feed him in the van but David says we need to go on in and he is sure they will have a special room to feed him in. Okay they didn't but that is beside the point. I was surprised to meet our best friends David and Angie there!! What a surprise!! It was a surprise for Angie as well!! The last time the 4 of us had been out together was in July!! So I fed Ethan in the bathroom and then got to enjoy a wonderful dinner with our great friends!! About 7:30 ish David kind of abruptly is ready to go. He had told me he had work to do when we got home so I wasn't really caught off guard but I remember thinking he was kind of abrupt and dinner and our fun was over. He makes sure I can wait to feed Ethan when we get home which was totally fine. So home we head. I am actually thinking of taking a quick nap on the way home knowing I will have to feed Ethan when I get home. We get in a little traffic due to an accident and just some traffic. David begins to change lanes toward exits and he is talking about how he wonders if Ga. Tech has a game because of all the traffic and I am asking have they even started playing basketball and then he proceeds to get off the exit and I am thinking man he really wants to see if they are playing ... and finally I ask what are you doing ... to which he replies ... " I thought we would go and see Wicked!!" I was ecstatic asking if he was for real .. which he was!! I asked if David and Angie were coming too. He said no and he didn't want to say anything at dinner because he didn't want to hurt their feelings. And I am thinking man how I am gonna tell her about all this without her feeling bad... but oh well because I am super excited at this point.

We get there and David drops me off so I can go and feed Ethan before the show. Much to our dismay - we ran into a little trouble and had to buy Ethan a ticket. Insane I know!! So I didn't get to feed him but it was okay because he was sleeping anyway. In fact he slept the entire musical - great for me ... but a little silly that we had to buy our barely 4 week old baby a ticket to a musical where he sat in my lap the whole time and slept!! Of course my husband is going to call about this because he was told Ethan would not need a ticket so hopefully we will be refunded. Needless to say his ticket will be in his baby book :) !!

It turns out David told me a lie because after about 10 minutes into the show David and Angie show up!!! The musical was super fabulous!!! I am still singing some of the songs from the show!! The whole evening was great!!

Dave - I love you - not just for your surprises they are indeed great - but for so much more! You challenge me to be a better person all to bring honor and glory to Christ! I am so thankful to Him for giving me you !! Thanks for such a great evening!!!
To my dear blog readers... I am so sorry I have not blogged in forever!! I am very good at keeping up with your blogs ... reading is easy.... finding time to type my own news... not so easy. I remind myself this is a season of life and a short one at that. Our little Ethan is getting to be so big and I just can't stand it!! How is it that you feel pregnant for so long and it feels like an eternity until you get to meet your precious baby. Then they get here and the time FLIES!! We are adjusting well to having a new little one around. The boys absolutely adore their little brother and I am so grateful!! Life with boys what can I say.... they love thier mama and their guns - what more could a mom ask for??!! Here is a picture of Ethan at 1 month and then my little hunters and pumpkin at Halloween. Aren't they adoreable!!!