Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

As I type here I am looking down and my huge belly and thinking back.... Nathan was once that small ......... where did time go??!!! Today my little man started his first day of "preschool" as he says it is not school mom...... just call it preschool.

He got up really well and only once stated he didn't think he wanted to go - but I just kind of ignored it and we went on. I dropped Luke off at my inlaws so I could take Nathan in and get some pictures. When we met his teachers last week Luke cried because he wanted to go in a class. I did not want a repeat of this today so dropping him off for a few minutes worked out well!

You know all my good conversations with Nathan are in the van and today was no exception. He has quite the imagination!! He told me a long time ago he went to Africa and he and his friend saw some palm trees and then he decided that they had really seen the palm trees at Stone Mountain. Mind you he has never been to either of these places. And then the talk went back to Africa and his journey there. To be honest I don't remember much more of the adventure ... I should have blogged this morning. I can say all this talk of Africa is due to our friends the Flintoffs - they are missionaries headed to Africa. In fact a few Sundays ago they had their commissioning service at church and Nathan payed very close attention. The next Sunday he was so excited to see Hannah (the Flintoff's daughter who is Nathan's age) he said mommy "look Hannah's back from Africa!!" Poor guy the Flintoffs haven't even left for Africa - it was humorous! So hecne all the discussion on Africa.

Back to reality ... we get to school and I take a few pics and he goes in and that was it - he just really wanted me to get on my merry way. The kiss and hug were a little too much for him!! So that was it. I went and picked up Luke and we went home. It was a very quiet morning with the exception of the 500 times Luke asked for "Naney."

I picked him up right on time and here is our conversation:

Mommy - (very enthusiastic) hey Nathan how was your first day?

Nathan - I have homework we have to do it right away.

Mommy - (thinking to myself they told us you wouldn't really have homework - but whatever you say) well tell me how your day was..

Nathan - mom we didn't learn anything, we played outside and then came back in and then the teacher told us to go back outside because the moms and dads are here to pick us up!

Come to find out he did have a little project and so did I. My assignment was to find out about his day for his scrapbook and write verbatim what he says. You can see I didn't get much!! Thankfully I did manage to pry out a few more things this evening. He continues to remind Luke that he has to go to "preschool" tomorrow and that Luke will just have to stay home alone and play toys by himself. It is so funny to hear him tell Luke all this!! Overall I can say we have had a great first impression and we are excited for the year to come!!

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