Monday, September 22, 2008

Entertained by 4 year olds....

I am so blessed to have so many good friends!! But I am especially thankful when one of them is in the exact same season of life as myself!! I am speaking of my friend Suzanne Burgess. Quick background ... I went to high school with her husband Randy who is now the operator of the Truett's Grill at Mt. Zion. So I know Suzanne through CFA. They have two children and one on the way Madelyn who is 4, Samuel who is around 18 or 19 months and Caroline will be here sometime toward the end of October. Nathan and Madelyn are in the same class at school. Madelyn got in last minute and we are so thankful that God provided her a spot. So you can see what I mean when I say we are in the same seasons of life!!! Since school started we have been getting together once a week usually on Wednesdays having lunch at CFA and letting the kids play in the play place. It has been a great time of fellowship for us and the kids. So much so after our first playdate after school Nathan wanted to go and spend the night with Madelyn. I informed him boys don't sleep over at girls houses to which he responded "well she has a brother." Oh what I have to look forward to!! Then last week Madelyn was sick and had to miss some school and we missed our playdate. When Madelyn came back to school he was soo excited that was the first thing he told me when he got in the van that day along with "Madelyn is my best friend!" When I told Suzanne about this she told me that Nathan informed Madelyn she was his best friend but Madelyn is not on the same page. Kids are soo funny!! So this week we took our playdate to the Georgia Aquarium (we had been given some tickets and Suzanne and I thought it would be fun to do before we have our babies!!) We had such a fun time!! We picked up the kids after school and took our packed lunches and ate outside of the Aquarium before venturing in. I am not sure what was more fun listening to them in the car to and from the aquarium or the actual aquarium visit. It is so fun to hear them talk to one another and then of course you have me and Suzanne who are 9 months pregnant .... I am sure we were quite a sight. And I almost forgot Luke went totally spastic over the dressed up "nemo" fish. He would cover his ears and scream ....... He DID NOT like that fish - I guess it will be awhile before we visit Disney with him. After we went to the aquarium we stopped in Johnny Rockets to get some milkshakes. Suzanne says Madelyn doesn't ever drink a milkshake but she was sure slurping this one down - we got such a kick out of it!!! Oh if you could have heard us on the way home all just giggling!! It was a fun afternoon! Here is a snippet of conversation I heard between Nathan and Madelyn and of course some pictures!!!

On the way home....
Nathan - "Madelyn did you have fun at the aquarium?"
Madelyn - "Yes did you have fun?"
Nathan - "Yes you want to know what my favorite part was?"
Madelyn - "No"
Nathan - "Well I am gonna tell you anyway - it was the beluga whales. What was your favorite part?"
Madelyn -"The beluga whales."

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Angie said...

Who gave you the tickets?? David and were thinking about taking the girls when they have their next Teacher's Work Day...but don't want to break the bank doing so!!!

I love how Nathan proceeds to tell Madelyn his favorite part even though she said she didn't want to hear it!! Precious!