Thursday, August 14, 2008

It was just a matter of time ... How is Ethan going to come out??

Just so you know words will not do this conversation justly - I wish you could have seen facial expressions and the use of hands - but this will just have to do for now!

This morning I had finished eating my bowl of oatmeal and was just sitting at the table. Nathan waiting on me ever so patiently so he could play a computer game asks me what I am doing -he obviously notices I am not eating anymore. So I replied that I was just sitting there letting my food settle. To which he says maybe baby Ethan is eating your oatmeal now. Then he gets this puzzled look on his face and here it comes - "How is baby Ethan going to come out?" He then begins to answer his own questions with possibilities. Using his hands as he speaks he says "will he just come up out of your mouth, do you have to open up your stomach, how does he get out?" I just sat there laughing and wondering what in the world to say. And then I just said God made babies to come out in a special way. He says "well when Ethan gets older we can just ask him how he came out." So I decided to ask Nathan - well how did you get out to which he said "I don't remember." We just left the conversation at that and both giggled a little! I breathing a sigh of relief that the conversation is over!!!

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Amy Cathy said...

I am laughing out loud! That is so funny and too cute! Please tell him that story when he gets older...and you'll HAVE to tell his future wife too!