Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Go Braves!! Luke's first baseball game ......

If you have ever been with either one of my boys you know they can be LOUD! Thanks to CFA we have had many opportunities to attend Braves games this summer and for one of the game days we decided to take the boys. Nathan had been to a game before and of course loves all the action! This game was Luke's first and he had just as much fun but of course could not last an entire game. This was upsetting to Nathan as he wanted to stay much longer!! I think we stayed maybe 4 innings but none the less they were both very much into the game screaming and shouting as we were losing terribly to the St. Louis Cardinals - when I say terribly I think it was like 8 to 0 when we left! The funny part was we sat right in the middle of tons of Cardinal fans so their screaming went right along with those Cardinal fans - my kids didn't know the difference - they just like to be loud! They are definitely all boy!! It was hot evening and we made the game a true experience having some dippin dots ice cream while we were there. I do enjoy seeing all my boys having a great time!

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