Friday, August 29, 2008


Mrs. Brook: Nathan are you ready for school to start?

Nathan: Yes and for hunting season to get here!

Can we say his daddy was soo proud!!!

Care Group

Many churches have what they call care group, small group, home fellowship........ you name it. We at Berachah call it care group. What is care group? It is a few couples who meet together on a regular basis studying, praying and fellowshipping with one another. Our care group has dinner together and we rotate whose home we are going to be in and we bring our kids. This is a plus to me!! Obviously since our kids come along Nathan is very familiar with care group. So the other morning while I was having a baby shower David and Nathan are watching some hunting video. At one point in the video there are a group of deer gathered together to which Nathan responds "look at all those deer eating together daddy.........(long pause)......... maybe they are having care group." I love it!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It was just a matter of time ... How is Ethan going to come out??

Just so you know words will not do this conversation justly - I wish you could have seen facial expressions and the use of hands - but this will just have to do for now!

This morning I had finished eating my bowl of oatmeal and was just sitting at the table. Nathan waiting on me ever so patiently so he could play a computer game asks me what I am doing -he obviously notices I am not eating anymore. So I replied that I was just sitting there letting my food settle. To which he says maybe baby Ethan is eating your oatmeal now. Then he gets this puzzled look on his face and here it comes - "How is baby Ethan going to come out?" He then begins to answer his own questions with possibilities. Using his hands as he speaks he says "will he just come up out of your mouth, do you have to open up your stomach, how does he get out?" I just sat there laughing and wondering what in the world to say. And then I just said God made babies to come out in a special way. He says "well when Ethan gets older we can just ask him how he came out." So I decided to ask Nathan - well how did you get out to which he said "I don't remember." We just left the conversation at that and both giggled a little! I breathing a sigh of relief that the conversation is over!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

David hard at work

Doesn't it look like he is working soo hard!!?? Well just call it one of the many perks of CFA. So far he has been to Nashville, Baltimore, Houston and then off to Florida next week. The first pic is in DC taking a tour on some sort of motorized scooter the next one he is in Annapolis - sailing and then the last is Minute Maid Park in Houston. I guess they work during the day :)

My Olympian Swimmers.....

I just love the Olympics! Many reasons especially this year seeing as how they are in China!! The summer olympics are my favorite - I love to watch the swimming, the cycling, the running, gymnastics - well you get my drift I just enjoy it!! David and I have both joked about being up so late - it isn't too terribly bad for me but I know it is going to catch up to him. And speaking of late we thought we would let Nathan stay up one night with us and watch the swimming - you know he is a fish!! He LOVES swimming!! Both my boys love the water but there is no way Luke would be remotely interested in actually sitting and watching swimming nevermind the fact it comes on way too late!! But back to the story on Sunday night we let Nathan stay up to watch the swimming - little did we know he wouldn't swim until very late - but yes Nathan made it to see Michael Phelps win a gold and at 12:01 am our son was reminding us to put our hands over our hearts while the national anthem was playing!! Yes I am shamefully admitting my 4 year old was up until midnight watching the olympics with his parents. At that time of the night the fact that he was alert enough to remind us of our patriotic duties was worthy of a blog! And no he has not been staying up that late since then!!! Here are a few pics of my own athletes - who knows maybe they will be olympians themselves one day! I don't know do you think he can be serious enough for Olympics??
Then again ....

But this one .... he is my fish!!!

Baby Nesting....

I am sure you have heard that along with pregnancy comes nesting - especially in your last trimester. I am OCD on cleanliness and order in the first place so just crank that up a notch and you get me nesting. For example today I cleaned out my husbands closet hanging all his shirts and pants in a specific order. I told you OCD!! Actually the reason behind this was I needed to get the cradle cleaned out and it had kind of become Dave's hanger amongst other things. So yesterday I dumped everything out and cleaned it up washing all the bedding and today I put everything of Dave's away.

My most fabulous church threw me a baby shower recently and I of course had to put all the goodies away. The nursery is for the most part complete - just a few more things to get but I have taken pictures of the room from start to finish. The colors are yellow, green and brown with animals. I had lots of fun putting it together - usually David is the one doing the painting etc but I wanted to do it this time and I enjoyed every minute of it. I couldn't have done it without help so thanks to Melanie, Shannon, Kimberly, David, and even Nathan!! Some of these pics are not too good as they were taken on the wrong setting but at least you can see some of the baby shower and the nursery!! For now we will just finish getting necessities and wait for little Ethan to make his arrival!

Go Braves!! Luke's first baseball game ......

If you have ever been with either one of my boys you know they can be LOUD! Thanks to CFA we have had many opportunities to attend Braves games this summer and for one of the game days we decided to take the boys. Nathan had been to a game before and of course loves all the action! This game was Luke's first and he had just as much fun but of course could not last an entire game. This was upsetting to Nathan as he wanted to stay much longer!! I think we stayed maybe 4 innings but none the less they were both very much into the game screaming and shouting as we were losing terribly to the St. Louis Cardinals - when I say terribly I think it was like 8 to 0 when we left! The funny part was we sat right in the middle of tons of Cardinal fans so their screaming went right along with those Cardinal fans - my kids didn't know the difference - they just like to be loud! They are definitely all boy!! It was hot evening and we made the game a true experience having some dippin dots ice cream while we were there. I do enjoy seeing all my boys having a great time!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Bottoms up for now....

Can you hear the sigh of relief!! I know my mommy friends can relate! So now I don't have to resort to standing on my head in the pool, leaning against the ironing board, playing music around my belly or shining a flashlight on my tummy!! Those all sound pretty silly as I type them up - but if they work ..... Well I am just thankful that he is in the head down position and I right now I don't have to think about a c-section or having him turned around for me! I obviously went to the doctor today and everything is moving right along. I was fortunate to have the 4-D ultrasound today but Ethan was not posing very well for the camera! This one shot here is the best one they could get. He is just so cute!! I am 31 weeks and he is measuring 3 lbs and 13 oz. My blood pressure looks great so I will go back to see Dr. Gomez in 4 weeks and Dr. Houston in two weeks. So if Ethan doesn't come before September 29 then the plan is induction - so in my book that means 8 weeks to go!! I am getting so excited about meeting my new little man! We'll keep you posted!