Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Won't you be my neighbor

Neighbor, Webster's defines this as one living or located near another. I somewhat agree with that but I believe that we as Americans probably would define it a little different. When I think of neighbor I think of Mr. Rogers (hence the blog title), someone you can borrow sugar or butter from, friends, etc the list really could go on. But in reality do neighbors like that really exist. I can remember my mom talking about growing up in her neighborhood where everyone knew everybody. They probably even had block parties. My nana lived in the same house my mom grew up in until she passed away and the same two neighbors on the left side of her home are still there and have been since my mom was a kid!! And for that matter my dads parents still live in the same house he grew up in - however they don't have the same neighbors. When we lived in Summergrove - I kind of knew my neighbors - on one side of me was a Hispanic family so there was a bit of a language barrier and on my other side was a single guy who owned what David calls a girlie dog - that was all I really knew about him. Our across the street neighbors were super nice but they moved before we could really get to know them. And none of these people did I just feel like I could call in a pinch nor would I leave my kids with them in an emergency. My point is that for most people a neighbor is just like Webster defines it someone who lives nearby - BUT not for me!! I have the best next door neighbors ever!!! Miller family if you are reading this - we just love you guys!! Moving for me was a HUGE adjustment - something the Lord definitely grew me through and I just love to think about His purpose and plan for our move and how He so divinely included the Millers - Mr. Ken, Ms. Jamie, and Ms. Kellie!! When we moved in they came over and brought us flowers and cookies and the friendliness didn't stop there. They have done several other things but what inclined me to write tonight was Ms Jamie was shopping and strawberries were on sale and she brought me some!! That is just sooo thoughtful!! And this isn't the first time she has done something like this. Nathan loves to just go over there and talk to them - and I just let him!! He came home the other day with two books they had gotten the boys. These are definitely neighbors I would leave my kids with. I know I could call them in an emergency and they would do whatever they could! People often ask me if I have a plan if I go into labor in the middle of the night - which is unlikely for me but that is besides the point. We do have both sets of parents right here but I also feel like I could easily call on the Millers! When I think of the word neighbor it is more than someone who just lives next to me - they are my friends and I hope they never move!! All my neighbors around me are nice - they have all lived on this street since the subdivision went up. I actually used to go to church with my across the street neighbors! I hope you have at least one neighbor like the Millers - they truly are a blessing!


msmf said...

Sure you can link my blog! I have linked yours. :) I wish I had neighbors now like I had when I was a kid!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the very kind words. We are so thankful that our entire street has had great families over the years. Kellie loves the boys (as we all do), and we're looking forward to #3! Let us know if you ever need anything! [Ken]