Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pool fun!!

So I wish I had had my camera today but I didn't!! Isn't that how it always goes!! David took the day off because he is heading out to the Baltimore/DC area tomorrow for CFA business trip and won't be back until late Saturday. So after I got home from my Dr. appt ( I had to drink that nasty glucose drink - yuck!!) and we went and voted ( super important!!) we decided to go hang out at the pool.

This is really nothing out of the ordinary for me and the boys as we try to go everyday but having daddy there was special. And we were the only people there! The boys and I have a routine. We get there and I get Nathan all sunscreened and then off he goes - you know he is quite the swimmer. Luke is a little different I have to put on his swim diaper, his swimsuit, swim shoes, sunscreen him up and then on with the floaties. Well he must have been feeling a little impatient today. David and Nathan are already in the pool and I am wetting Lukes floaties to get them on a little easier and then I am telling Dave how I think one of them may have a whole in it and suddenly I hear splash. There goes Luke - he jumps right into the pool with no swimmies on and David is just looking at him - I am like "David!!!" who is just standing in the pool and then says oh I'll get him - by this time I have jumped in and rescued my little eager man. Poor David - he says " I thought it was Nathan and I was thinking he will come back up." You could probably see my heart beating out of my chest and Luke was a little beside himself as well. Maybe next time he will wait on those floaties! Lets at least hope so!!
The boys had a great time swimming with Daddy!! Nathan and David were under water looking at each other. When they came back up David commented he must have kept his eyes open like that when he was a kid but her sure can't really see anything now. So he then asks Nathan if he could see him and Nathan replies ... "I can see your body but not you." It was humorous!! Luke is a bit different. He is a daredevil for the first 30 minutes and then he has had enough. During this time he is a fish putting his face in and being silly - this is why I wish I had brought my camera - he really has come along way since the start of the summer! After he has had enough of that he just walks around looking for a snack :) or throwing toys in the pool for Nathan to go and retrieve. Nathan on the other hand would live in the water you practically have to drag him out!! He is never ready to go. I have one child who cries to go bye bye and one who begs to stay. They are definitely different!

And this is what happens after swimming!! It was a beautiful day and we had lots of fun! What did you do today??

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