Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I love being a mom!! Granted some days are harder than others - but ultimately I don't think any other job compares. After all God has entrusted me (~and who am I??) to nurture, love, care for and shepherd their hearts toward Him! Phew just thinking about it makes me sweat! Not to mention what perks being a mother has!! One of those is watching them develop into little people...which brings me to Luke! He is such a character!! People always say your children are all different. But I am telling you no to kids could be more different than mine!!! You would get bored if I sat here and wrote out all their differences so if you want to know feel free to ask but I will spare you for now. But I do want to share a few new things Luke says and this adorable video!
When he wants to be held he used to say "hold me" it was pretty clear and you knew what he wanted but recently he started saying "wubbie." I have no idea where this came from but it makes me think of that movie "Mr. Mom" one of the kids in that movie calls his security blanket his "wubbie" and the dad accidentally sucks it up with the vacuum cleaner. It really is humorous. If Luke ever says "wubbie" to you then he wants you to pick him up!
The other thing he recently began saying is "stawb" which is a strawberry. He must have heard us say this but now he is constantly looking for the pretend "stawbies" in their play kitchen and asking to eat some. This boy thinks life is a snack!
He is a cutie - enjoy this clip...

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