Sunday, July 6, 2008

I am the parent of a little thief......

So I bet you are not having any trouble figuring out who my thief is.... I know you would never guess my sweet little Luke who says I love you all the time could have a sinister side. Well he does.... after all "all have sinned." So I am going to try and make a long story into not such a long blog ..... but no promises!!

Many many months ago David's blackberry broke and he got a replacement and the broken blackberry has just been sitting on David's dresser for months. The dresser is something I typically leave just like it is so when I say the blackberry has been in the exact same place for months I mean the EXACT same place. I kept asking Dave if he just wanted to give it to Luke who is extremely obsessed with cell phones but he kept telling me he was going to sell it on ebay. The time had finally come and now we are selling it on ebay for parts only. And it sold!! Hooray. So now all we have to do is mail it out. Now remember it has been in the same place for months and neither of my children can reach the top of David's dresser.

Let me back up to a few days prior and share with you that David renovated my closet and in doing so he had the power drill, the stud finder and other tools upstairs in our room ~ all in his tool bag. Well he goes looking for the power drill and stud finder in order to finish up the closet and it is missing. Now I am thinking David probably just put it somewhere besides the tool bag but he insists that he left them in the tool bag. I also am thinking the power drill is too heavy for Luke to even pick up. He found the tools under our bathroom cabinet and he didn't put them there. So the next day I asked Nathan about it ... his words were "I didn't hide daddy's tools mommy - I promise!" He was very believable ... I still was wondering how Luke picked up that power drill - but where there is a will there is a way. Now back to the blackberry.....

So David is getting ready to leave for work and goes to pick up the blackberry off the dresser so he can mail it - the blackberry is gone. I reminded him that the kids can't reach the dresser and it has been in the same place forever. So we look for a little while around the room - maybe the cat knocked it off - who knows. He then remembers he took it down for a brief moment to write down the serial number for the ebay listing and thinks he may have left it on the bed. So he heads out to work and I go on a manhunt. Remember Luke is in love with phones - so I am thinking if he found it surely I would have seen him play with it. So I go out on a manhunt - we have already sold this on ebay!! You know ebay - you can get positive feedback or negative feedback and going back on an item you have already been paid for doesn't look so hot even if it is an honest mistake! David looks in his car and at work - no phone. I have taken our bed apart, washed our sheets looked under nightstands, dressers, even in nightstands and dressers. I then called David at work asking how he fared - it is not at work and not in the car for sure - "Leigh - I know you won't believe this but I have had to have people ride in my car it really is clean and the phone is not in there." Now if you know David well at all - you know his car is rarely rideworthy for anyone other than himself. So at this point we are thinking we are just going to have to refund our buyer and explain this was an honest mistake. I continue to look for it in the playroom - I take out the entire toybox, look under couches, inside cushions. I check the kids room, dump their toybag out look under the bed, in the bed. OKAY I looked everywhere. I seriously did a most thorough search - I honestly could not believe I didn't find other cell phones Luke has lost. But that is beside the point. I officially could not find it. So Dave comes home and he looks all over the house for about two hours - no blackberry. We just can't find it.

I know this is long - sorry......... So at about 10:30 I go to my purse which is up on the dining room table to get out my ipod to put some songs on it. It is not in there. I know I had it in there because I had it at the pool earlier in the day and I put in in my purse when we left along with my cell phone which was still in my purse and that is what Luke loves sooo....... I asked David about it because he looked through my purse when he was looking for his old phone and he doesn't remember anything. And I am thinking if I had left it at the pool the Lutes or the Smiths who were also at the pool would have picked it up and called me had they seen it - we were all at the same table. And it is too late for me to call and ask them. I am also thinking I went into Target and Dollar Tree and I guess it could have fallen out of my purse but wouldn't I have heard it. Well my mind is racing thinking if it did get left somewhere and someone else found it - it is gone!! But I know I had it when I came home - so off to look for it. I dump my purse completely out ... look all over the dining room and in the playroom - I can't find it. So I go to bed or try to at least. I cannot get over how two pieces of technology just go missing. And I am praying for myself because I am a little overly consumed with this and I need serious help from the Lord. I was consoling myself by reminding myself David has an ipod that we can share.... the blackberry was broken........ on and on - see I needed the Lord's help!!!

So at about 6 am I get up and decide to look a little more at least for the ipod. I look to no avail. I then decide I think I might run up to the pool and at least look around there but then Luke wakes up. So I am looking in kitchen cabinets and I think the only place I never looked was in the pantry. So I open up the pantry .... on the bottom shelf is my snacks, chips, etc. I have a plastic bin filled with just snacks etc. I pull it out and way in the back of the pantry I see my ipod! Yippee!! So I search a little more and I find the blackberry - HOORAY!!!!!!! I actually found several things hidden in the pantry!!! All the while Luke is standing next to me as I pull these items out of the pantry. I wish I had taken a picture but I was in such delight and yes laughter that taking pictures was the last thing on my mind.

Thankfully we had not emailed the buyer of the blackberry and we sent it out right away. I guess we found Luke's hiding place. Now when something goes missing the first place I will look will be the pantry - but he will probably outsmart me and find a new one!!

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