Monday, July 28, 2008

Did you know #5 and #6.....

You know all good conversations happen in the van and so here are some insights from Nathan.

#5 I actually had been wondering when this particular conversation would come up and the only reason I began pondering it was because of a post my friend Brook wrote about her son Carson - it is pretty funny so you should check it out (3 Little Monkeys on my bloglist.) Well the other day we were riding in the van and we drove past some workers wearing orange. Nathan asked about them and I just told him they were prison workers and I explained that the men out there were working out there as part of their punishment and they would not be paid for it. Then of course I had to explain why people go to jail. Basically I just told him that they must have done some things that were against the law which in his mind equals bad. A couple of miles farther down the road we encounter some other men working. These men had on green and so I had to explain that they were city workers and they were being paid for the work they were doing. To which he promptly replied "yeah mom workers that wear green they don't do bad things." It was a good opportunity for me to remind him we are all sinners. I just left it at that for the day. I am sure next time we see orange and green workers another conversation will ensue!

#6 We were riding to the pool the other day when Nathan informed me why daddies and sometimes mommies have to work. "They have to work so they can have money for their children so they can buy them toys. Some boys and girls don't have toys so their daddies and mommies have to work so they can get money for them." Interesting philosophy huh!! I just really had to laugh!! We often tell him that their are lots of boys and girls that don't have as many things as he does so I guess that is why he thinks both the mommy and daddy have to work! I did tell him daddy works not just so he can have toys - but for much more important things like a roof over our heads and clothes on our body and food to eat. I don't remember too much about being 4 but I am guessing toys was big on my mind then! In time he will see the bigger picture - at least that is what I will be praying for!!

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