Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And he's off .....

This morning David headed out with bags packed for Texas for a short business trip. He should be back Thursday depending on flights and such. Last week he was in Baltimore, and the week before that he was in Nashville. As crazy as it may sound it really is better that he is traveling so much now as opposed to later. When he asked me about it last night I told him to go - go while I am feeling good - besides I am becoming a pro at this being a single parent - NOT!!! I truly miss him when he is gone and the kids non-stop ask about daddy! It makes me very grateful that the Lord has blessed me with David and very sympathetic to moms who have to go it alone all the time. Kudos to you mothers!!

On another note of no importance at all - it is just humorous. Yesterday morning I slept a little while longer while the boys were playing in their room - or so I thought. Nathan brings me this picture he has made for me with glitter - hmmm funny I don't recall giving any permission to play with glitter pens. Of course I immediately get up to go investigate their bedroom where I find glitter pens without tops, Luke has written on himself with gel pens, and he is missing his diaper!! Now I had already changed him first thing when he woke up - thankfully!! The diaper is not even in his room - I eventually found it on David's side of the bed almost under the bed. Who knows when he took it off - because I don't even remember him coming back in our room! I know not a good sign!! The moral of the story - mommy cannot (and will not) attempt to or actually go back to sleep after the kids are awake - that is unless they are supervised by daddy :)!

Well we are off to Amy's (Angie's youngest) 4th bday party! Hope you guys have a great day!

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