Monday, July 28, 2008

Let EVERYTHING that hath breath praise the Lord!!

On the way to church we always pass a house that has chickens and more recently goats in their yard. We don't always see them but on occasion they are out. Nathan refers to these animals as his friends and often asks as we pass by if his friends are out. Well there was no exception this morning - he asked if his friends were out and I didn't see them so I said no. And he responded with "well their probably at their church.!' Psalm 150: 6 "Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord, praise the Lord."

Did you know #5 and #6.....

You know all good conversations happen in the van and so here are some insights from Nathan.

#5 I actually had been wondering when this particular conversation would come up and the only reason I began pondering it was because of a post my friend Brook wrote about her son Carson - it is pretty funny so you should check it out (3 Little Monkeys on my bloglist.) Well the other day we were riding in the van and we drove past some workers wearing orange. Nathan asked about them and I just told him they were prison workers and I explained that the men out there were working out there as part of their punishment and they would not be paid for it. Then of course I had to explain why people go to jail. Basically I just told him that they must have done some things that were against the law which in his mind equals bad. A couple of miles farther down the road we encounter some other men working. These men had on green and so I had to explain that they were city workers and they were being paid for the work they were doing. To which he promptly replied "yeah mom workers that wear green they don't do bad things." It was a good opportunity for me to remind him we are all sinners. I just left it at that for the day. I am sure next time we see orange and green workers another conversation will ensue!

#6 We were riding to the pool the other day when Nathan informed me why daddies and sometimes mommies have to work. "They have to work so they can have money for their children so they can buy them toys. Some boys and girls don't have toys so their daddies and mommies have to work so they can get money for them." Interesting philosophy huh!! I just really had to laugh!! We often tell him that their are lots of boys and girls that don't have as many things as he does so I guess that is why he thinks both the mommy and daddy have to work! I did tell him daddy works not just so he can have toys - but for much more important things like a roof over our heads and clothes on our body and food to eat. I don't remember too much about being 4 but I am guessing toys was big on my mind then! In time he will see the bigger picture - at least that is what I will be praying for!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Won't you be my neighbor

Neighbor, Webster's defines this as one living or located near another. I somewhat agree with that but I believe that we as Americans probably would define it a little different. When I think of neighbor I think of Mr. Rogers (hence the blog title), someone you can borrow sugar or butter from, friends, etc the list really could go on. But in reality do neighbors like that really exist. I can remember my mom talking about growing up in her neighborhood where everyone knew everybody. They probably even had block parties. My nana lived in the same house my mom grew up in until she passed away and the same two neighbors on the left side of her home are still there and have been since my mom was a kid!! And for that matter my dads parents still live in the same house he grew up in - however they don't have the same neighbors. When we lived in Summergrove - I kind of knew my neighbors - on one side of me was a Hispanic family so there was a bit of a language barrier and on my other side was a single guy who owned what David calls a girlie dog - that was all I really knew about him. Our across the street neighbors were super nice but they moved before we could really get to know them. And none of these people did I just feel like I could call in a pinch nor would I leave my kids with them in an emergency. My point is that for most people a neighbor is just like Webster defines it someone who lives nearby - BUT not for me!! I have the best next door neighbors ever!!! Miller family if you are reading this - we just love you guys!! Moving for me was a HUGE adjustment - something the Lord definitely grew me through and I just love to think about His purpose and plan for our move and how He so divinely included the Millers - Mr. Ken, Ms. Jamie, and Ms. Kellie!! When we moved in they came over and brought us flowers and cookies and the friendliness didn't stop there. They have done several other things but what inclined me to write tonight was Ms Jamie was shopping and strawberries were on sale and she brought me some!! That is just sooo thoughtful!! And this isn't the first time she has done something like this. Nathan loves to just go over there and talk to them - and I just let him!! He came home the other day with two books they had gotten the boys. These are definitely neighbors I would leave my kids with. I know I could call them in an emergency and they would do whatever they could! People often ask me if I have a plan if I go into labor in the middle of the night - which is unlikely for me but that is besides the point. We do have both sets of parents right here but I also feel like I could easily call on the Millers! When I think of the word neighbor it is more than someone who just lives next to me - they are my friends and I hope they never move!! All my neighbors around me are nice - they have all lived on this street since the subdivision went up. I actually used to go to church with my across the street neighbors! I hope you have at least one neighbor like the Millers - they truly are a blessing!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And he's off .....

This morning David headed out with bags packed for Texas for a short business trip. He should be back Thursday depending on flights and such. Last week he was in Baltimore, and the week before that he was in Nashville. As crazy as it may sound it really is better that he is traveling so much now as opposed to later. When he asked me about it last night I told him to go - go while I am feeling good - besides I am becoming a pro at this being a single parent - NOT!!! I truly miss him when he is gone and the kids non-stop ask about daddy! It makes me very grateful that the Lord has blessed me with David and very sympathetic to moms who have to go it alone all the time. Kudos to you mothers!!

On another note of no importance at all - it is just humorous. Yesterday morning I slept a little while longer while the boys were playing in their room - or so I thought. Nathan brings me this picture he has made for me with glitter - hmmm funny I don't recall giving any permission to play with glitter pens. Of course I immediately get up to go investigate their bedroom where I find glitter pens without tops, Luke has written on himself with gel pens, and he is missing his diaper!! Now I had already changed him first thing when he woke up - thankfully!! The diaper is not even in his room - I eventually found it on David's side of the bed almost under the bed. Who knows when he took it off - because I don't even remember him coming back in our room! I know not a good sign!! The moral of the story - mommy cannot (and will not) attempt to or actually go back to sleep after the kids are awake - that is unless they are supervised by daddy :)!

Well we are off to Amy's (Angie's youngest) 4th bday party! Hope you guys have a great day!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mamma Mia does it again......

So I have now seen Mamma Mia three times, once on Broadway in NYC (oh I want to go there - yes again!) once at the Fox here in the ATL, and the at the movies this weekend in Newnan. And the funny thing is I have seen them all within the past 9 months!! Of course you can guess which was my absolute favorite.....NYC!!! However all three times I have seen it have been fabulous and equally entertaining in their own way. Seeing it in NYC is just an experience itself and that is my favorite city ever!! Then seeing it at the Fox ... I won't forget that either. Angie and I had the privilege of having this rather big man sit behind us and he obviously had had a bit too much to drink that evening. He sang and talked VERY LOUDLY - he was quite obnoxious. At first I was getting annoyed but then it just became funny - "sup pah pa sup pah pa" is what he would sing during "Super Trouper" - just something I won't forget and I am sure neither will Angie!! I added some pics below from our show at the Fox. And then there is the movie. There are many musicals that become movies and many movies that become musicals. Some are good and some are not. I give this one a thumbs up. It was cute and of course had great music - which is the point. Not to mention it was the first time me, the Davids, and Angie got to go out on a double date at home! Usually when we go out we are with CFA on some trip or seminar! So the company made the movie even better! What can I say I obviously love music therefore I love a good musical so for now ..."you can dance you can jive having the time of your life, see that girl watch that scene digging the dancing queen."

Eating at Spaghetti Factory before the show
Mamma Mia at The Fabulous Fox Theatre
One silly Mamma!
That is the "super trouper" behind us!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today the kids and I visited some dear friends of ours. Susan (my dear friend) called me early this morning to tell me that at her church (our old church) the preschoolers were having a wet and wild day complete with slip n slides, kiddie pools, sprinklers, you know the works! I heavily contemplated not going but I am glad I did. Not only did I see Susan and her kids .. (Steve we missed you) but we also were able to visit with Nathan's former kindermusik teacher the infamous Ms. Tammy! The boys enjoyed seeing Savannah and Ty (Susan's kids). And I of course enjoyed catching up with my "suzie-q." I thank God for great friends!

Nathan on the slip n slide

Ty, Nathan, Luke and Savannah

Susan and Me!

Nathan and Ty enjoying the slip n slide!

Like a kid in a candy shop....

Kudos Kudos Kudos to Suzie-Q's Sweet Shop in Fayetteville. This quaint little candy store opened up about 2 months ago and is located on the square in Fayetteville. Here is the write up in our paper.

David and I took the boys the other night and had soo much fun! What a trip down memory lane! There was candy in there that I had not seen since I was a little girl! The boys were fascinated of course. In fact twice I caught Luke eating gummy bears straight out of the candy jar - you would have thought he was a kid in a candy store! You must check this out for yourself! I promise you won't be disappointed!!

videos from the 4th

Pics from the 4th

Better late than never!


I love being a mom!! Granted some days are harder than others - but ultimately I don't think any other job compares. After all God has entrusted me (~and who am I??) to nurture, love, care for and shepherd their hearts toward Him! Phew just thinking about it makes me sweat! Not to mention what perks being a mother has!! One of those is watching them develop into little people...which brings me to Luke! He is such a character!! People always say your children are all different. But I am telling you no to kids could be more different than mine!!! You would get bored if I sat here and wrote out all their differences so if you want to know feel free to ask but I will spare you for now. But I do want to share a few new things Luke says and this adorable video!
When he wants to be held he used to say "hold me" it was pretty clear and you knew what he wanted but recently he started saying "wubbie." I have no idea where this came from but it makes me think of that movie "Mr. Mom" one of the kids in that movie calls his security blanket his "wubbie" and the dad accidentally sucks it up with the vacuum cleaner. It really is humorous. If Luke ever says "wubbie" to you then he wants you to pick him up!
The other thing he recently began saying is "stawb" which is a strawberry. He must have heard us say this but now he is constantly looking for the pretend "stawbies" in their play kitchen and asking to eat some. This boy thinks life is a snack!
He is a cutie - enjoy this clip...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pool fun!!

So I wish I had had my camera today but I didn't!! Isn't that how it always goes!! David took the day off because he is heading out to the Baltimore/DC area tomorrow for CFA business trip and won't be back until late Saturday. So after I got home from my Dr. appt ( I had to drink that nasty glucose drink - yuck!!) and we went and voted ( super important!!) we decided to go hang out at the pool.

This is really nothing out of the ordinary for me and the boys as we try to go everyday but having daddy there was special. And we were the only people there! The boys and I have a routine. We get there and I get Nathan all sunscreened and then off he goes - you know he is quite the swimmer. Luke is a little different I have to put on his swim diaper, his swimsuit, swim shoes, sunscreen him up and then on with the floaties. Well he must have been feeling a little impatient today. David and Nathan are already in the pool and I am wetting Lukes floaties to get them on a little easier and then I am telling Dave how I think one of them may have a whole in it and suddenly I hear splash. There goes Luke - he jumps right into the pool with no swimmies on and David is just looking at him - I am like "David!!!" who is just standing in the pool and then says oh I'll get him - by this time I have jumped in and rescued my little eager man. Poor David - he says " I thought it was Nathan and I was thinking he will come back up." You could probably see my heart beating out of my chest and Luke was a little beside himself as well. Maybe next time he will wait on those floaties! Lets at least hope so!!
The boys had a great time swimming with Daddy!! Nathan and David were under water looking at each other. When they came back up David commented he must have kept his eyes open like that when he was a kid but her sure can't really see anything now. So he then asks Nathan if he could see him and Nathan replies ... "I can see your body but not you." It was humorous!! Luke is a bit different. He is a daredevil for the first 30 minutes and then he has had enough. During this time he is a fish putting his face in and being silly - this is why I wish I had brought my camera - he really has come along way since the start of the summer! After he has had enough of that he just walks around looking for a snack :) or throwing toys in the pool for Nathan to go and retrieve. Nathan on the other hand would live in the water you practically have to drag him out!! He is never ready to go. I have one child who cries to go bye bye and one who begs to stay. They are definitely different!

And this is what happens after swimming!! It was a beautiful day and we had lots of fun! What did you do today??

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Today I have been going through pictures adding some photos to the wall along our stairs. Of course in looking at old pictures I got all nostalgic... wondering how in the world my first born son got to be four and will go to school in the fall. I have had another baby grow up rather quickly and now I am getting ready to have another one!! It seems just like yesterday Nathan was 9 months old. Where does the time go?? I found this video clip - it is the most precious thing - I think I have watched it a dozen times. Enjoy!! (FYI so you can hear it pause the music on the music player! )

Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby Ethan.........

I had a Dr. appt. today with the perinatalogist. They are checking me every four weeks to make sure I don't develop PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension which turns into pre-eclampsia.) I had this with Nathan and now technology is so advanced they can tell if I am going to have it this pregnancy. So far soo good! However this baby likes to sit breech - he has been this way for the last 8 weeks ....yes he still has time to change positions so let's pray he does because I do not want to have a c-section!! The nice thing about seeing the specialist every month is I get to see the baby ... here are two pics ..... the first one is from today and the other one is from my last visit in June. Isn't life amazing??!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

I am the parent of a little thief......

So I bet you are not having any trouble figuring out who my thief is.... I know you would never guess my sweet little Luke who says I love you all the time could have a sinister side. Well he does.... after all "all have sinned." So I am going to try and make a long story into not such a long blog ..... but no promises!!

Many many months ago David's blackberry broke and he got a replacement and the broken blackberry has just been sitting on David's dresser for months. The dresser is something I typically leave just like it is so when I say the blackberry has been in the exact same place for months I mean the EXACT same place. I kept asking Dave if he just wanted to give it to Luke who is extremely obsessed with cell phones but he kept telling me he was going to sell it on ebay. The time had finally come and now we are selling it on ebay for parts only. And it sold!! Hooray. So now all we have to do is mail it out. Now remember it has been in the same place for months and neither of my children can reach the top of David's dresser.

Let me back up to a few days prior and share with you that David renovated my closet and in doing so he had the power drill, the stud finder and other tools upstairs in our room ~ all in his tool bag. Well he goes looking for the power drill and stud finder in order to finish up the closet and it is missing. Now I am thinking David probably just put it somewhere besides the tool bag but he insists that he left them in the tool bag. I also am thinking the power drill is too heavy for Luke to even pick up. He found the tools under our bathroom cabinet and he didn't put them there. So the next day I asked Nathan about it ... his words were "I didn't hide daddy's tools mommy - I promise!" He was very believable ... I still was wondering how Luke picked up that power drill - but where there is a will there is a way. Now back to the blackberry.....

So David is getting ready to leave for work and goes to pick up the blackberry off the dresser so he can mail it - the blackberry is gone. I reminded him that the kids can't reach the dresser and it has been in the same place forever. So we look for a little while around the room - maybe the cat knocked it off - who knows. He then remembers he took it down for a brief moment to write down the serial number for the ebay listing and thinks he may have left it on the bed. So he heads out to work and I go on a manhunt. Remember Luke is in love with phones - so I am thinking if he found it surely I would have seen him play with it. So I go out on a manhunt - we have already sold this on ebay!! You know ebay - you can get positive feedback or negative feedback and going back on an item you have already been paid for doesn't look so hot even if it is an honest mistake! David looks in his car and at work - no phone. I have taken our bed apart, washed our sheets looked under nightstands, dressers, even in nightstands and dressers. I then called David at work asking how he fared - it is not at work and not in the car for sure - "Leigh - I know you won't believe this but I have had to have people ride in my car it really is clean and the phone is not in there." Now if you know David well at all - you know his car is rarely rideworthy for anyone other than himself. So at this point we are thinking we are just going to have to refund our buyer and explain this was an honest mistake. I continue to look for it in the playroom - I take out the entire toybox, look under couches, inside cushions. I check the kids room, dump their toybag out look under the bed, in the bed. OKAY I looked everywhere. I seriously did a most thorough search - I honestly could not believe I didn't find other cell phones Luke has lost. But that is beside the point. I officially could not find it. So Dave comes home and he looks all over the house for about two hours - no blackberry. We just can't find it.

I know this is long - sorry......... So at about 10:30 I go to my purse which is up on the dining room table to get out my ipod to put some songs on it. It is not in there. I know I had it in there because I had it at the pool earlier in the day and I put in in my purse when we left along with my cell phone which was still in my purse and that is what Luke loves sooo....... I asked David about it because he looked through my purse when he was looking for his old phone and he doesn't remember anything. And I am thinking if I had left it at the pool the Lutes or the Smiths who were also at the pool would have picked it up and called me had they seen it - we were all at the same table. And it is too late for me to call and ask them. I am also thinking I went into Target and Dollar Tree and I guess it could have fallen out of my purse but wouldn't I have heard it. Well my mind is racing thinking if it did get left somewhere and someone else found it - it is gone!! But I know I had it when I came home - so off to look for it. I dump my purse completely out ... look all over the dining room and in the playroom - I can't find it. So I go to bed or try to at least. I cannot get over how two pieces of technology just go missing. And I am praying for myself because I am a little overly consumed with this and I need serious help from the Lord. I was consoling myself by reminding myself David has an ipod that we can share.... the blackberry was broken........ on and on - see I needed the Lord's help!!!

So at about 6 am I get up and decide to look a little more at least for the ipod. I look to no avail. I then decide I think I might run up to the pool and at least look around there but then Luke wakes up. So I am looking in kitchen cabinets and I think the only place I never looked was in the pantry. So I open up the pantry .... on the bottom shelf is my snacks, chips, etc. I have a plastic bin filled with just snacks etc. I pull it out and way in the back of the pantry I see my ipod! Yippee!! So I search a little more and I find the blackberry - HOORAY!!!!!!! I actually found several things hidden in the pantry!!! All the while Luke is standing next to me as I pull these items out of the pantry. I wish I had taken a picture but I was in such delight and yes laughter that taking pictures was the last thing on my mind.

Thankfully we had not emailed the buyer of the blackberry and we sent it out right away. I guess we found Luke's hiding place. Now when something goes missing the first place I will look will be the pantry - but he will probably outsmart me and find a new one!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

Well I have been rather busy I must admit and have not had really a moment to blog!!! I have much to catch up on!! I think my last post was pictures from vacation which was almost 3 weeks ago!! We had a week before VBS when we got home from Ft. Walton and boy did I kick it into high gear getting ready. During this week the kids went to VBS at Covenant Presbyterian - David's parents church and then of course the next week was our (Berachah Bible Church) VBS. I have pics that I will post soon!

Right now I am in up in Hiawasee visiting some friends on the lake for the 4th of July. And I know I will have pics of this trip! Maybe even some video! But for now I supposedly should be relaxing and not doing anything. So off I go to "chillax" on the lake! Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!!