Tuesday, June 3, 2008


As I sit here and type I hear one of my most favorite sounds in the world.......... the roaring of the ocean waves!! God is soo good to me!! I must start by saying I know I don't deserve all the blessings he soo graciously showers me with and I am sooo very grateful!! Especially for my AWESOME husband!!! I should have known he was up to something - but I never put anything together... let me give you two examples..
1. When he proposed ...... we went to the backyard of some dear friends... I asked if they knew we were coming?!!, the whole garden and backyard are covered in candles, and I ask what is this for - he says my birthday - I still am clueless up until the moment he proposes!!!
2. Dave's dad works at the airport - while we were engaged he suggests one night we go and visit him and have some ice cream in the atrium area - okay with me. We get there and run into my roommate from college - I say Amy - are you here on a layover?? -- Hello - no David flew her in for the weekend!! Sometimes I am not all with it and so was the case this time as well....
I went to Angie's house today to go swimming. She had asked me Friday if I wanted to bring the boys over and I thought sure. In the back of my mind I was wondering about the gas it would take to get to Newnan since we had a pool membership right down the road but didn't really think anything of it and I was just going to wait to see what David thought later. So one day this weekend David says he wants to take the van on Monday to get the oil changed and he needed to take some boxes up to Marietta - this was his LAST day there - I said okay but I had planned to go to Angies to swim - this is where I thought the gas would come up - but no he says okay you can take my car. Now those of you that know David this is very humorous!! No one can ever ride with him - his second home is his car. I just laughed and said me and the boys are gonna fit in there - he says yes so I say okay. This should have been clue number 1. Then on Saturday he is asking me about swimwear and suggests we go look for me a maternity swimsuit Sunday after church - clue number 2 - we rarely go out after church to a store - much less to buy clothes!! But we did. He also went to Marietta late Sunday evening to finish up some last minute things and I had been visiting "great" David's grandmother and when I got home David was still gone and laundry was going - clue number 3!!! I just thought oh he must have needed something washed. So I finished working on the laundry and actually fell asleep before I got my beach towels in which I needed for Angies. But when I get up this morning the laundry is going again - clue number 4!! I thought man he is really being great helping me get ready for the day to swim. So he gets ready and leaves for work had the carseats all in his car - actually he borrowed his moms carseats, had the pool stuff in there - he really was outdoing himself!! When I got in the car - I was speechless -so much so that I texted him and said I was impressed. I am telling you Davids car is just not super clean all the time. I soo should have expected something but I didn't!! I know this is getting to be a long post - sorry! So I spent the day at Angie's. We got there around 11:30 and didn't leave until 6:00!! David had even called me in the afternoon to tell me not to rush he was running late at the store - nothing unusual at all!! So I let Luke nap at Angie's and played I spy with Nathan the whole way home so he wouldn't fall asleep and not want to go to bed at a decent time. So we pull in and David says "don't pull in behind the truck dad is coming to pick it up" - I say "he is at work" - David says "I don't know when he is coming" - I am thinking he works until 11 and you will be gone tomorrow so what does it matter - but I move the car. Then we get out and the van is running and I say "why is the van running" - he says "I just got gas" - I think to myself turn it off gas is sooo expensive!! Then Nathan asks "where is daddy going?" To which I reply "I don't know -ask him" Then David says .............."Let's go to Florida!!" You should have seen the look on my face!! I reply "is this a joke....?? come on you can't be serious??" He says "I am serious lets go!!" I say "you want me to go pack right now??!!" I am thinking it is almost 7:oo pm what in the world!!! No packing for me though - my wonderful husband had the van packed for all of us! He did give me a few minutes to run and gather up any last minute things I thought we might need for me and the kids so I did and well here we are!! He covered everything .. my VBS meetings, bible study refreshments and of course Angie was soo in on this whole thing!!! I give him several kudos!!! I best get in the bed now because I have some excited boys who will probably be up early!! I'll be blogging - later!!!

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Angie said...

I'm so glad I got to be in on the surprise!! I'm so glad you were clueless -- I couldn't wait to hear from you after you left my house! Have a blast at the beach! Think of me!!!!!!!!