Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Too funny

This was soo funny to me I just had to write it down tonight. A side note that will be helpful - David works with several Hispanics at his store in Marietta - they don't speak much English at all.

Tonight the boys yes daddy included are being all rowdy and crazy for what felt like several hours but it was probably only 30-45 minutes. After the fun was over the kids were still running around. We told them to calm down. Of course Nathan understood this and was fine. Luke on the other hand kept on running ..... I in that sweet motherly voice say "Luke it is time to calm down......." David says and I quote "no mas!" I laughed sooo hard. I said he really understood that one. Even I wasn't sure exactly what it meant......... I had a feeling it was no more and I was right. David quickly remembered he wasn't at CFA anymore and began laughing as well. It was too funny!!

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