Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Productive Day

I started out this morning selfishly wanting to have some girl time with anyone of my girlfriends... I was envisioning dinner and actually getting to eat all of my food uninterrupted and then maybe off to some cute chick flick at the movie theatre... I was quickly brought back to reality and actually had a pretty productive day kids included. Nathan has been wanting me to buzz his hair for some time now and so I decided to call my friend Donnah to see if I could borrow her clippers she of course said yes. So after some quick cleaning and laundry I hopped in the shower and then off we went to the Neals. I really have to give many kudos to my friend Donnah as I have learned soo much from her in the past few months. She supervised my first buzz cut which was really super easy once I got going. Nathan actually wants it shorter than I buzzed it... his exact words were "I want my hair like Mr. Vans next time." Van is a man in our church who has no hair .... (Van or Christa if you are reading - he truly is fascinated with your head Van!!) After I was done with Nathan's hair we took a peek at the chickens the Neals have and I also got to see their garden - I got a much needed lesson in growing some veggies - especially tomato's - I am the queen of plant killing. But I really want to try so Donnah sent me home with two tomato plants and a pepper plant and some instructions. She also gave me some buckets to plant them in so I didn't have to put them in the ground - we tried that last year and well it didn't work. So after a quick trip to the store to get a few things and some potting soil I came home and planted - that part was not difficult now lets just hope I can keep them alive! Nathan played outside, Luke took a nap and I did my reading. Then it was off to soccer practice -I was actually thinking it might rain and then we wouldn't have practice but no rain. We came home ate dinner and then I cut Luke's hair!! You read that correctly!! He was a bit wiggly but after I gave him a lollipop it was smooth sailing sort of! I told you I was productive today! Here are a few pics!

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Angie said...

You did a great job on both the boys hair! Luke looks so much older! We need to plan that girls night!! I could use one myself!