Monday, May 19, 2008

Leapin Lizards....

Well last time I blogged I was soo tired I didn't even finish my blog and of course now I don't know exactly what I was going to say except that I had had an overwhelming day. David is finishing up training in Marietta and there has been a new roll-out on the CFA menu and he has just been extremely busy. He is a work-aholic anyway and he knows this soooo... needless to say we have been especially missing him since he has been super busy. Thankfully things will somewhat get back to normal in the middle of June.

So now to explain my blog title. If you have been to my house you know even though I live in a subdivision I still live in the woods. And with the woods brings lots of bugs and lizards. I believe it is safe to say I have arrived as a mother of boys. One day last week the boys and I were outside. I had been cleaning out some flower pots and planting the lovely flower plant my little Luke-mister gave me for mothers day. Of course messing in the dirt we see lots of bugs specifically roly poly's and yes we have to catch them and put them in the bug box. And if bugs were not enough then we see a lizard. And yes Nathan insisted we catch it. I just want you to know I spent at least twenty minutes trying to catch that thing. And yes I was successful. We caught the lizard!!! He got named Max -we had caught a lizard before a while back or I guess I should say Lily caught the lizard in the play room and we rescued his half dead self and he got named Max - I guess lizards can only be named Max. Meanwhile during our lizard escapade Luke gets into my potting soil. He was covered in dirt from head to toe. I think he even tried to eat it. Needless to say the boys got straight in the bath tub. We kept Max overnight and gave him some bugs the next morning but he was looking a little homesick so I convinced Nathan (or so I thought) that our dear lizard friend was missing his family and we should really let him go so he doesn't die. So we go to release him and he just kind of sits there and then Nathan chases after him and catches him again. After I insisted he let him go, he did and Max took off - thankfully. So we come in and I am sitting in the playroom checking my email and what do you think I see crawl right under my feet ...... another lizard!!! Of course Nathan tried to get this one too but it was way to quick and went to hide. I assured him we would probably see that lizard again. I didn't however tell him it would probably be dead because once Lily found him that would be it. And what do you know when we came home from a meeting at church there was a dead lizard in my playroom. Nathan happily picked it up and we had him dispose of it. So there you have it... if you ever are in need of a lizard just let me know I am sure we can help!

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3monkeys said...

That is great! Ever since the Pells stayed with our kids a couple of years ago, every ladybug found at our house is named "Theresa".