Thursday, May 22, 2008

I may not have girls but check this out...

And who says I need girls??!! Both my boys have always loved to put on my shoes and play with my purses. But Luke especially loves to play with my purses and just recently David found and old cell phone in his car and we let Luke have it. He is absolutely obsessed with phones. Or should I say "shones." I know this is going to sound bizarre but he actually sleeps with this phone along with his blankie otherwise known as the "kie." I kid you not when he wakes up from bedtime or naptime he comes running with the "kie" and the "shone." So the other day when he was playing around in my room while I got ready I could not resist taking a few pics. It turns out he is very observant as also caught him with my curling iron curling his hair!! David just laughs...... and I tell him this too shall pass ........ it is just a phase. Besides they are rough and tough boys at the core and always want daddy so I say let me have my one moment while they want to be like mommy - purse and phone in hand!

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