Monday, May 19, 2008

Honoring Mike Stokely

A little background info.......
The night I had Luke at Northside Hospital my nurse came in and she was wearing some dogtags. Now my husband being very military minded began to ask about them. I noticed the look on this poor womans face and thought to myself oh Dave you are opening a can of worms as it turned out her son Mike Stokely was killed in Iraq six months previous August of 2005. I was right about the look on her face however she did not mind talking with us. We discovered she lived in Sharpsburg just down the road from Newnan where we had been living at the time. She knew several people we did. And she turned out to be a christian isn't God so good! Having a baby at Northside you are not very likely to run into people from the southside so it was really neat that we could relate with her in some aspects of life. And that is not all of the story. David works with a guy at Chick-fil-A named Nick Jones.... they share an office together, work on many projects etc etc they are kind of like partners. Well Nick is in the Army National Guard and he had just gotten back from a tour of duty in Iraq. Nick was Mike Stokely's platoon leader he was there when Mike was killed by a roadside bomb. WHAT A SMALL WORLD. What an interesting connection. And no we would have never known it had it not been for my husbands boldness.

Three years later.....
For the past several years the Stokelys have been trying to honor Mike's memory by providing scholarships for families of soldiers in the 48th brigade who have died in Iraq. They have an annual motorcycle ride and the CFA at Thomas Crossroads in Newnan sponsors a benefit night so to speak. That is where we went tonight to have dinner. It was good seeing Mr. Stokely and we missed seeing Mrs. Stokely as she was with their daughter who has been sick. She will always hold a special place in my heart for a number of reasons. I am so thankful for the sacrifice not only that our soldiers make but also the sacrifice their families make. As a mother of boys I cannot begin to imagine how she feels some days but I am truly grateful to her and her son. These are a few pics of Nathan wearing some of Mikes hats. He loves some "army men!" Thank you Mr. Stokely!

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