Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Tiggerific Two Luke!

May 30, 2008 - My little Luke-mister turned two!! Where does time go?? We are so thankful the God has allowed us the privilege of being parents. Why he trusts me with His creation is beyond my understanding but it makes me sooo truly grateful!! I know that technically Luke is not mine and he can and will be gone in the blink of an eye one day. It is such a joy to watch him grow and learn about the world around him. He loves to play outside!! He likes cars and trucks and it is so fun to listen to him imitate sounds that Nathan makes. He adores his big brother - "Naney" - always concerned about where he is or isn't. He likes to look at books especially the pop up ones or the touch and feel kind. He and Nathan are night and day soo different. Luke is very strong willed and can have quite the temper. When he is not angry he is so happy - laughing like an old man - you should hear him it is hilarious! He kicks himself back and just laughs! He is beginning to talk so much more and actually put phrases together. I can remember thinking he won't ever have much to say because Nathan says it all but I was wrong he is quite the jibber jabber. Most people cannot understand him .... sometimes I have no idea what he is saying!! Here are a few things he says along with some translations:

shone - phone; He LOVES phones. The phone rings and he goes running. He hears a phone in the store and gets all anxious shouting "shone, shone." In fact he had a play cell phone that he slept with until he lost it. He also loves to talk on the phone - often saying "talk" whenever mommy is talking on the phone. I am telling you once again he LOVES phones!

shoeah - shoes; He also loves shoes. One of the first things he wants to do in the morning is put on some shoes.

dawdy - doggy, sounds like daddy in a British accent. He thinks all animals are either "kickens" which translates chickens or dogs. At first we thought he was calling all animals daddy and it was rather funny but I finally figured out he was meaning doggy!! Any small animal or one that flies such as birds and wasps are "kickens." Not sure why that is just what they are.

Puc- cup; he just has it a little backwards.

barz - cereal bar

hawd - hold me

I am sure there are more that I am just not thinking of right now. If I remember I can always add them! Luke - we pray that you will come to know Christ at an early age and do magnificent things for His kingdom! We love you!!

Bday party pics to come!

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