Saturday, May 31, 2008

Farewell CFA Macland Crossing

Today was David's last official day as interim operator at CFA Macland Crossing in Marietta. This is a bittersweet time for all. David had an awesome team and I know he is going to miss them terribly. I am going to miss them and I didn't even see them everyday!! They were so kind as to throw a little surprise send off for David yesterday and they invited me and the boys to come along. It was quite fun and David was certainly surprised. He knew they might be up to something but he had no idea we would come and he certainly did not expect all the "hoopla" just for him. I know he will make an excellent operator one day if that is God's design for him. His team members had many kind words and Ummara one of his managers made a really neat collage for him to put in his office. I know he will treasure forever. The store also collected some money and gave him a gift card - he was very overwhelmed. Thank you CFA Macland for making such a difference in our lives. We wish you well!!

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