Friday, May 9, 2008

Did you know #3

Nathan has been to heaven. At least that is what he told me in the van today which is where I learn most new things from him. Here is how the conversation went...

Nathan: Did you know that a long, long, long, long, (I think he used that word at least 20 times) long time ago we lived in Heaven.
Mommy: No Nathan we haven't lived in Heaven
Nathan: Well I have.....
Mommy: (at this point I was curious and decided to humor him) Well who did you see there?
Nathan: No one .... there wasn't anybody there but me
Mommy: Well Nathan Heaven is where Jesus lives
Nathan: Yeah it was me and Jesus
Mommy: What did you and Jesus do?
Nathan: We played dominoes
Mommy: What kind of dominoes did you play?
Nathan: The tractor kind.
Mommy: Oh the Johnny Tractor domino game?
Nathan: No we did the Johnny Tractor puzzle
Mommy: So you played dominoes and did a puzzle?
Nathan: Yes

I could not help myself this was pretty funny. He definitely has an imagination!

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