Saturday, May 3, 2008

Did you know #2

There is never a dull moment when Nathan is around - especially in the van. It seems he has much time to think while sitting in his seat soo you know what that means........ great conversations! Some serious, some hilarious. I often wish I could be in his head sometimes.

Well the other day was no exception. We were on our way home from church this is how the conversation went:

Nathan: When I am 100 years old I am going to die. And when we get to heaven we die.
Mommy: No Nathan, heaven is where we get to live with Jesus forever and ever. Here on earth is where our bodies die but our souls will go to heaven.
Nathan: Our bodies die but we still keep our face right mommy? And what is a soul?

Of course I am laughing inside and wondering how I am going to answer him all at the same time. Did you know you get to keep your face?? Like I said never a dull moment!

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