Monday, May 12, 2008

A Busy Weekend and Long Day

Since it has been a long day you might be wondering why I am choosing to blog at midnight but it is kind or relaxing to me... some people have retail therapy and I have blogging therapy and that is free husband is so proud! It is rather quiet as everyone is of course asleep at least for the moment and blogging lets me ramble on and on and you can chose to read my ramblings or not and I never have to know about it. Now onto the weekend and this forever long Monday!

What a busy, yet wonderul Mother's Day weekend we had!! Friday night I got to go out with Angie and have some dinner and see a movie. Saturday we had a soccer game in the morning where my little man played awesome!! You should have seen me... at one point Nathan has the ball and he is taking off with it seriously almost making a goal..... I was up out of my chair cheering so lound tribes in Africa could have heard me. I obviously was very excited and proud. Saturday evening David and I left up for Rome, GA for a wedding. Our friend Ruthie was getting married up at Winshape one of our favorite places! The wedding was beautiful and we were surrounded with lots of church friends as we attend church with Ruthie along with CFA friends ie Winshape and Corey (Ruthies now hubby) works for a store in Duluth. The kids spent the night with Davids parents so we even got to have dinner with some dear friends before we headed home. It was a late night and usually I would have passed out during the car ride home but I stayed awake and enjoyed some wonderful time with my hubby. And of course Sunday was Mother's Day!! David actually gave me my gift Saturday. I got a some clothes from one of my favorite stores The Loft at the avenue. They just recently started selling maternity - how nice for me! The outfit I wore to the wedding and to church Sunday was one of the outfits he gave me. And no I did not sleep in my clothes :) We got home late enough that I sure could have but I just liked the outfit so much I wanted to wear it twice. We had some pretty bad weather Saturday night and ended up not having any power Sunday morning....I had to finish getting ready at my in-laws where I got to partake of some lovely breakfast cooked by my sis-in-law. The kids sang at church and as always they were fabulous!! We had been working on making some bookmarks for the moms and they all turned out so well! We took a much needed nap in the afternoon and then grilled out with my family that evening. After dinner David tried to get the riding mower on the back of the truck for something and that prove to be quite and ordeal you will just have to see a picture! I got the funniest cards for mothers day. The kids card said something to this effect "mom we wanted to get you something exciting for mothers day" then you open the card up and it says "but you've already got us!" Too funny huh! It really was a fun weekend!!

I am actually getting tired so I will have to leave you with a to be continued but here are some pics from the weekend you can enjoy until then...

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