Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Tiggerific Two Luke!

May 30, 2008 - My little Luke-mister turned two!! Where does time go?? We are so thankful the God has allowed us the privilege of being parents. Why he trusts me with His creation is beyond my understanding but it makes me sooo truly grateful!! I know that technically Luke is not mine and he can and will be gone in the blink of an eye one day. It is such a joy to watch him grow and learn about the world around him. He loves to play outside!! He likes cars and trucks and it is so fun to listen to him imitate sounds that Nathan makes. He adores his big brother - "Naney" - always concerned about where he is or isn't. He likes to look at books especially the pop up ones or the touch and feel kind. He and Nathan are night and day soo different. Luke is very strong willed and can have quite the temper. When he is not angry he is so happy - laughing like an old man - you should hear him it is hilarious! He kicks himself back and just laughs! He is beginning to talk so much more and actually put phrases together. I can remember thinking he won't ever have much to say because Nathan says it all but I was wrong he is quite the jibber jabber. Most people cannot understand him .... sometimes I have no idea what he is saying!! Here are a few things he says along with some translations:

shone - phone; He LOVES phones. The phone rings and he goes running. He hears a phone in the store and gets all anxious shouting "shone, shone." In fact he had a play cell phone that he slept with until he lost it. He also loves to talk on the phone - often saying "talk" whenever mommy is talking on the phone. I am telling you once again he LOVES phones!

shoeah - shoes; He also loves shoes. One of the first things he wants to do in the morning is put on some shoes.

dawdy - doggy, sounds like daddy in a British accent. He thinks all animals are either "kickens" which translates chickens or dogs. At first we thought he was calling all animals daddy and it was rather funny but I finally figured out he was meaning doggy!! Any small animal or one that flies such as birds and wasps are "kickens." Not sure why that is just what they are.

Puc- cup; he just has it a little backwards.

barz - cereal bar

hawd - hold me

I am sure there are more that I am just not thinking of right now. If I remember I can always add them! Luke - we pray that you will come to know Christ at an early age and do magnificent things for His kingdom! We love you!!

Bday party pics to come!

Farewell CFA Macland Crossing

Today was David's last official day as interim operator at CFA Macland Crossing in Marietta. This is a bittersweet time for all. David had an awesome team and I know he is going to miss them terribly. I am going to miss them and I didn't even see them everyday!! They were so kind as to throw a little surprise send off for David yesterday and they invited me and the boys to come along. It was quite fun and David was certainly surprised. He knew they might be up to something but he had no idea we would come and he certainly did not expect all the "hoopla" just for him. I know he will make an excellent operator one day if that is God's design for him. His team members had many kind words and Ummara one of his managers made a really neat collage for him to put in his office. I know he will treasure forever. The store also collected some money and gave him a gift card - he was very overwhelmed. Thank you CFA Macland for making such a difference in our lives. We wish you well!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Fun

Our hats off to all those who serve or have served in our armed forces!! We are forever grateful for the sacrifice you have made and continue to make for our country. We proudly stand behind you and say THANK YOU!

Let the summer begin.................

Too funny

This was soo funny to me I just had to write it down tonight. A side note that will be helpful - David works with several Hispanics at his store in Marietta - they don't speak much English at all.

Tonight the boys yes daddy included are being all rowdy and crazy for what felt like several hours but it was probably only 30-45 minutes. After the fun was over the kids were still running around. We told them to calm down. Of course Nathan understood this and was fine. Luke on the other hand kept on running ..... I in that sweet motherly voice say "Luke it is time to calm down......." David says and I quote "no mas!" I laughed sooo hard. I said he really understood that one. Even I wasn't sure exactly what it meant......... I had a feeling it was no more and I was right. David quickly remembered he wasn't at CFA anymore and began laughing as well. It was too funny!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

did you know #4

David had a fruit punch powerade to drink the other day and Nathan happened to be with him this is what Nathan said to him....
Nathan : "Oh dad that just reminds me of Jesus blood which was shed for us."

I am so thankful he is listening when we participate in the Lord's Supper. My wise husband proceeded to tell him that Jesus shed much more blood than that fruit punch powerade bottle had in it. And we can never repay Christ for what he did for us. It is only by his grace and his blood we can be forgiven. I pray Nathan will always remember this and that one day those words will penetrate into his heart.

I may not have girls but check this out...

And who says I need girls??!! Both my boys have always loved to put on my shoes and play with my purses. But Luke especially loves to play with my purses and just recently David found and old cell phone in his car and we let Luke have it. He is absolutely obsessed with phones. Or should I say "shones." I know this is going to sound bizarre but he actually sleeps with this phone along with his blankie otherwise known as the "kie." I kid you not when he wakes up from bedtime or naptime he comes running with the "kie" and the "shone." So the other day when he was playing around in my room while I got ready I could not resist taking a few pics. It turns out he is very observant as also caught him with my curling iron curling his hair!! David just laughs...... and I tell him this too shall pass ........ it is just a phase. Besides they are rough and tough boys at the core and always want daddy so I say let me have my one moment while they want to be like mommy - purse and phone in hand!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I just wanted to brush my teeth.........

Sometimes I just have to laugh.................

This morning I awoke to the sound of running water. I knew David was already gone as he usually leaves rather early and I do actually remember him leaving this morning. Nathan had actually come and crawled in bed with me when David left and he was still right next to me so that left Luke. I immediately jumped up out of bed and ran to the bathroom. Oh how I wish I had thought to take my camera but you know first thing in the morning that was not on my mind. I discovered my little ball of mischief sitting in the sink, water on full blast with his toothbrush in his hand. If he could actually speak full sentences I am sure he would have told me he was just wanted to brush his teeth. Boy I hope this is not an indication of the mischief I am going to encounter today.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Honoring Mike Stokely

A little background info.......
The night I had Luke at Northside Hospital my nurse came in and she was wearing some dogtags. Now my husband being very military minded began to ask about them. I noticed the look on this poor womans face and thought to myself oh Dave you are opening a can of worms as it turned out her son Mike Stokely was killed in Iraq six months previous August of 2005. I was right about the look on her face however she did not mind talking with us. We discovered she lived in Sharpsburg just down the road from Newnan where we had been living at the time. She knew several people we did. And she turned out to be a christian isn't God so good! Having a baby at Northside you are not very likely to run into people from the southside so it was really neat that we could relate with her in some aspects of life. And that is not all of the story. David works with a guy at Chick-fil-A named Nick Jones.... they share an office together, work on many projects etc etc they are kind of like partners. Well Nick is in the Army National Guard and he had just gotten back from a tour of duty in Iraq. Nick was Mike Stokely's platoon leader he was there when Mike was killed by a roadside bomb. WHAT A SMALL WORLD. What an interesting connection. And no we would have never known it had it not been for my husbands boldness.

Three years later.....
For the past several years the Stokelys have been trying to honor Mike's memory by providing scholarships for families of soldiers in the 48th brigade who have died in Iraq. They have an annual motorcycle ride and the CFA at Thomas Crossroads in Newnan sponsors a benefit night so to speak. That is where we went tonight to have dinner. It was good seeing Mr. Stokely and we missed seeing Mrs. Stokely as she was with their daughter who has been sick. She will always hold a special place in my heart for a number of reasons. I am so thankful for the sacrifice not only that our soldiers make but also the sacrifice their families make. As a mother of boys I cannot begin to imagine how she feels some days but I am truly grateful to her and her son. These are a few pics of Nathan wearing some of Mikes hats. He loves some "army men!" Thank you Mr. Stokely!

A mommy all the time and a cow sometimes....

I always thought you only had one dream job and technically I am living mine. Since I can remember I have always wanted to be a wife and mother and well here I am. And I LOVE it!! I wouldn't change it for the world. Then I went to CFA seminar one year and they introduced the new kid cow mascots. When I saw that cute little girl cow mascot I said I have to be her someday. Well thanks to David Lindley he allowed me to achieve my other dream job of playing the kid cow. (I only have one other dream job and that is to sing on Broadway in a musical and honestly that is just a DREAM) Back to the cow..... This past Saturday Truett's Grill in Griffin had their car show and you know they needed the cow out there and so I came to the rescue. My David was a little worried about the heat so he brought an ice pack from his store for me to wear and really it wasn't to bad. I couldn't be there right away because Nathan had his last soccer game Saturday so Angie played the cow first and then when I got there I took over. I really had soo much fun. Nathan thought it was great and Luke my poor little guy would have NOTHING to do with the cow - He screamed!! I love CFA and for some reason that cow makes people smile so it was definitely something I would do again - but when I am not pregnant - that suit wont fit me much longer! Here are some pics and a video. I am also including some pictures from the team member outing with Davids store CFA Macland Crossing in Marietta. We went and ate dinner at Bahama Breeze and saw Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian on Sunday evening. We all had a blast especially Nathan! And I know David is going to miss all his team members when his time is up. Enjoy

Leapin Lizards....

Well last time I blogged I was soo tired I didn't even finish my blog and of course now I don't know exactly what I was going to say except that I had had an overwhelming day. David is finishing up training in Marietta and there has been a new roll-out on the CFA menu and he has just been extremely busy. He is a work-aholic anyway and he knows this soooo... needless to say we have been especially missing him since he has been super busy. Thankfully things will somewhat get back to normal in the middle of June.

So now to explain my blog title. If you have been to my house you know even though I live in a subdivision I still live in the woods. And with the woods brings lots of bugs and lizards. I believe it is safe to say I have arrived as a mother of boys. One day last week the boys and I were outside. I had been cleaning out some flower pots and planting the lovely flower plant my little Luke-mister gave me for mothers day. Of course messing in the dirt we see lots of bugs specifically roly poly's and yes we have to catch them and put them in the bug box. And if bugs were not enough then we see a lizard. And yes Nathan insisted we catch it. I just want you to know I spent at least twenty minutes trying to catch that thing. And yes I was successful. We caught the lizard!!! He got named Max -we had caught a lizard before a while back or I guess I should say Lily caught the lizard in the play room and we rescued his half dead self and he got named Max - I guess lizards can only be named Max. Meanwhile during our lizard escapade Luke gets into my potting soil. He was covered in dirt from head to toe. I think he even tried to eat it. Needless to say the boys got straight in the bath tub. We kept Max overnight and gave him some bugs the next morning but he was looking a little homesick so I convinced Nathan (or so I thought) that our dear lizard friend was missing his family and we should really let him go so he doesn't die. So we go to release him and he just kind of sits there and then Nathan chases after him and catches him again. After I insisted he let him go, he did and Max took off - thankfully. So we come in and I am sitting in the playroom checking my email and what do you think I see crawl right under my feet ...... another lizard!!! Of course Nathan tried to get this one too but it was way to quick and went to hide. I assured him we would probably see that lizard again. I didn't however tell him it would probably be dead because once Lily found him that would be it. And what do you know when we came home from a meeting at church there was a dead lizard in my playroom. Nathan happily picked it up and we had him dispose of it. So there you have it... if you ever are in need of a lizard just let me know I am sure we can help!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Busy Weekend and Long Day

Since it has been a long day you might be wondering why I am choosing to blog at midnight but it is kind or relaxing to me... some people have retail therapy and I have blogging therapy and that is free husband is so proud! It is rather quiet as everyone is of course asleep at least for the moment and blogging lets me ramble on and on and you can chose to read my ramblings or not and I never have to know about it. Now onto the weekend and this forever long Monday!

What a busy, yet wonderul Mother's Day weekend we had!! Friday night I got to go out with Angie and have some dinner and see a movie. Saturday we had a soccer game in the morning where my little man played awesome!! You should have seen me... at one point Nathan has the ball and he is taking off with it seriously almost making a goal..... I was up out of my chair cheering so lound tribes in Africa could have heard me. I obviously was very excited and proud. Saturday evening David and I left up for Rome, GA for a wedding. Our friend Ruthie was getting married up at Winshape one of our favorite places! The wedding was beautiful and we were surrounded with lots of church friends as we attend church with Ruthie along with CFA friends ie Winshape and Corey (Ruthies now hubby) works for a store in Duluth. The kids spent the night with Davids parents so we even got to have dinner with some dear friends before we headed home. It was a late night and usually I would have passed out during the car ride home but I stayed awake and enjoyed some wonderful time with my hubby. And of course Sunday was Mother's Day!! David actually gave me my gift Saturday. I got a some clothes from one of my favorite stores The Loft at the avenue. They just recently started selling maternity - how nice for me! The outfit I wore to the wedding and to church Sunday was one of the outfits he gave me. And no I did not sleep in my clothes :) We got home late enough that I sure could have but I just liked the outfit so much I wanted to wear it twice. We had some pretty bad weather Saturday night and ended up not having any power Sunday morning....I had to finish getting ready at my in-laws where I got to partake of some lovely breakfast cooked by my sis-in-law. The kids sang at church and as always they were fabulous!! We had been working on making some bookmarks for the moms and they all turned out so well! We took a much needed nap in the afternoon and then grilled out with my family that evening. After dinner David tried to get the riding mower on the back of the truck for something and that prove to be quite and ordeal you will just have to see a picture! I got the funniest cards for mothers day. The kids card said something to this effect "mom we wanted to get you something exciting for mothers day" then you open the card up and it says "but you've already got us!" Too funny huh! It really was a fun weekend!!

I am actually getting tired so I will have to leave you with a to be continued but here are some pics from the weekend you can enjoy until then...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Did you know #3

Nathan has been to heaven. At least that is what he told me in the van today which is where I learn most new things from him. Here is how the conversation went...

Nathan: Did you know that a long, long, long, long, (I think he used that word at least 20 times) long time ago we lived in Heaven.
Mommy: No Nathan we haven't lived in Heaven
Nathan: Well I have.....
Mommy: (at this point I was curious and decided to humor him) Well who did you see there?
Nathan: No one .... there wasn't anybody there but me
Mommy: Well Nathan Heaven is where Jesus lives
Nathan: Yeah it was me and Jesus
Mommy: What did you and Jesus do?
Nathan: We played dominoes
Mommy: What kind of dominoes did you play?
Nathan: The tractor kind.
Mommy: Oh the Johnny Tractor domino game?
Nathan: No we did the Johnny Tractor puzzle
Mommy: So you played dominoes and did a puzzle?
Nathan: Yes

I could not help myself this was pretty funny. He definitely has an imagination!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Productive Day

I started out this morning selfishly wanting to have some girl time with anyone of my girlfriends... I was envisioning dinner and actually getting to eat all of my food uninterrupted and then maybe off to some cute chick flick at the movie theatre... I was quickly brought back to reality and actually had a pretty productive day kids included. Nathan has been wanting me to buzz his hair for some time now and so I decided to call my friend Donnah to see if I could borrow her clippers she of course said yes. So after some quick cleaning and laundry I hopped in the shower and then off we went to the Neals. I really have to give many kudos to my friend Donnah as I have learned soo much from her in the past few months. She supervised my first buzz cut which was really super easy once I got going. Nathan actually wants it shorter than I buzzed it... his exact words were "I want my hair like Mr. Vans next time." Van is a man in our church who has no hair .... (Van or Christa if you are reading - he truly is fascinated with your head Van!!) After I was done with Nathan's hair we took a peek at the chickens the Neals have and I also got to see their garden - I got a much needed lesson in growing some veggies - especially tomato's - I am the queen of plant killing. But I really want to try so Donnah sent me home with two tomato plants and a pepper plant and some instructions. She also gave me some buckets to plant them in so I didn't have to put them in the ground - we tried that last year and well it didn't work. So after a quick trip to the store to get a few things and some potting soil I came home and planted - that part was not difficult now lets just hope I can keep them alive! Nathan played outside, Luke took a nap and I did my reading. Then it was off to soccer practice -I was actually thinking it might rain and then we wouldn't have practice but no rain. We came home ate dinner and then I cut Luke's hair!! You read that correctly!! He was a bit wiggly but after I gave him a lollipop it was smooth sailing sort of! I told you I was productive today! Here are a few pics!

I had forgot about this...

I was loading some pictures tonight on the computer and found these..........

David heard a woodpecker outside our window on Sunday afternoon and I guess he thought he should permanently take care of it. Needless to say Nathan was very fascinated with the whole ordeal. Too bad for David but happy news for the bird - "woody woodpecker" flew safely away!

Monday, May 5, 2008

because I know you are dying to know......

Let me start by thanking all of you who participated in my silly little poll - what are the Pruiksma's having? It was fun to watch and see what the results were. We did get to see our little bean today and I will try to figure out how to put a picture on here. So here is a video clip - I am sure it will be obvious to you........

Starring : Nathan, Luke and Ethan!! :) I am truly excited!! God is so good and I am so blessed to be able to be pregnant and carry a healthy baby. I had pretty much determined that I thought this was a boy even though I did have hope it could be a girl. David on the other hand was convinced (I wish you could hear Nathan say that word and then you need to hear his definition -it is hilarious!) we were having a girl. SO convinced he showed up at the Dr. appt with a gift for me - all pink, including the card! He was a little late for the appt and I got the pleasure of telling him when we were alone - and the look on his face was priceless!!! He was shocked but of course super excited immediately calling our friend Chuck who had 4 boys before having a girl! I am not too sure we will follow in their path but we will see how the Lord leads our lives. For now I am officially a member of the "Mother of three sons" club at Berachah!! Ladies I gladly join you and am looking forward to my very adventure filled life as a mommy!! You can leave comments so let me hear from you!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008


This is why I wouldn't mind having a girl. Although David says if we have a girl she will end up just like the boys....... beating up and hitting on daddy :)

Carnival video

Here is a video we took.

Carnival fun..

The Shriners Circus/Carnival was in Marietta this week and of course my husband being the good business man that he is wanted to go and pass out coupons etc etc. And it happened that someone came by his store and gave him circus tickets for our family to go. So off we went to Marietta Friday night. We stopped by the store and grabbed some grubb and then headed to the "fair." Nathan had a BLAST!!!! Luke not so much - but there really wasn't much he could do. David and Nathan had some great quality time - mommy is not much of a ride rider besides the fact that I am preggo. I did ride the ferris wheel with him and even as we were climbing up in the air I was more nervous than he was! He rode a roller coaster alone - only because David was too tall to ride with him - yes it was a kiddie ride but I still was not sure he should ride alone. HE LOVED IT!!! The pictures we took from the night were priceless!! Needless to say we had a great time!

Nathan learns to do a flip

Nathan learned to do a flip today after several attempts and some help. He was so proud of himself!! You would have thought he won a gold medal in the olympics!! I decided to take a video and it turned out to be hilarious - you'll see! Enjoy!

Have you ever??

This is our cat Lily. I am not quite sure why I am blogging about this other than the fact that it was hilarious and I so wish I had had my camera recording the whole scenario. It was late Thursday night and Lily saw another cat on the front porch - she growled, and meowed, and hissed...... all normal for a cat..... and then we heard her snort!! Yes you read that right - she snorted!! I thought only pigs snorted!! It was so funny! Have you ever heard a cat snort??

Painting and Playing

As if we didn't have enough fun earlier in the day at Upscale we had to come home and have more fun!!! We - at least Nathan and I were outside all afternoon. I decided to finish painting the swingset and well Nathan he played in some water - soaking himself! And then he enjoyed a snack - he had raspberries - the picture was too cute not to post!!!! And yes that is my finished paint job on the swing set!

A Grand Opening!

Thursday May 1 Upscale Pizza opened its doors to the public and boy did we have a grand time!! David had spent Tuesday and Wednesday evening at the store so I was anxious to get to see the progress that had been made in time for it to open up. The kids and I headed over to the grand opening/ribbon cutting ceremony around 9:30. At 9:20 the parking lot was already full and I had to park at the cleaners near by. This is a good sign for business!! The ceremony began with Billy Thompson (fellow dwarf guy) introducing some people and then Dr. Charles Carter (Truett's long time pastor) gave a brief devotion and opened us in prayer. Truett wanted to be sure to honor the National Day of Prayer and Dr. Carter did a remarkable job as always! Truett spoke and introduced some of his family. We heard some words from the operator Tim Bannister and then they cut the ribbon and took the traditional "first bite." We had a great time seeing our CFA family and friends and of course eating!! The food was fabulous!! Most of you know I have been craving pizza this pregnancy..... my husband is very concerned now that we have a pizza joint just a few minutes away!! The pizza is great and the hot dogs taste like a hot dog from the varsity!! I am telling you - You must try it out!!! The atmosphere is great and totally family friendly of course! Enjoy the pics!

Did you know #2

There is never a dull moment when Nathan is around - especially in the van. It seems he has much time to think while sitting in his seat soo you know what that means........ great conversations! Some serious, some hilarious. I often wish I could be in his head sometimes.

Well the other day was no exception. We were on our way home from church this is how the conversation went:

Nathan: When I am 100 years old I am going to die. And when we get to heaven we die.
Mommy: No Nathan, heaven is where we get to live with Jesus forever and ever. Here on earth is where our bodies die but our souls will go to heaven.
Nathan: Our bodies die but we still keep our face right mommy? And what is a soul?

Of course I am laughing inside and wondering how I am going to answer him all at the same time. Did you know you get to keep your face?? Like I said never a dull moment!

Cubbies Awards

Last Sunday night we had our Awana Closing Ceremonies. Nathan was so excited to become a part of the Awana program this year. He finished his first book in his cubbies class and received the cubbie bear award for finishing. When you ask him what his favorite memory verse from the year was he always says Genesis 1:1 - go figure!!

I remember his first night of cubbies - he didn't even want to take his vest off to eat dinner when we came home! (You can see a previous post for this!) The year went by so quickly. Here are some pictures from the night!