Saturday, April 26, 2008

"you should blog about that"

Well it is apparent Nathan knows I blog. I didn't think I really talked about it that much.... I have let him watch the slide shows that I post but it isn't something I discuss with him everyday. And I sure hope he notices alot more about me than that I just blog!! But to the point we were laying in bed the other morning ... David had decided to go into work a little later and we were all snuggled up. Nathan's allergies were bothering him and he was sneezing and coughing etc and then we hear our cat Lily sneeze...... Nathan says "what was that?" To which I reply that was Lily she sneezed too! Nathan laughs and says "oh mom you need to blog about that!" David and I both laughed and I honestly didn't think another thing about it until last night when we were in the van and I can't even remember what was being said but once again Nathan says "you need to blog about that!" Oh my!!! Well I tell myself at least I am doing something so I will remember these years as they pass so quickly!!

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