Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yellow River Game Ranch

Posted on April 18, 2008 by Pruiksma's

What a great day we had today!! David was able to take off today because he will be working Saturday on a big order for CFA. We decided to take the kids to the Yellow River Game Ranch up near Stone Mountain. I had never heard of this place but it is a farm/petting zoo- I highly recommend it! I was a little unsure how Luke would do he is not super crazy about some animals. He is pretty used to our cat Lily but not too sure about other peoples pets etc. We decided to give it a try anyway - his admission was free so we weren’t losing out on anything if he didn’t like it. We headed up there about 11:30 stopped and got some lunch and ate it in the van on the way. We probably got there around 12:15 just as all the school buses were leaving - perfect timing in my opinion now we would not be fighting a crowd!

Well just as I suspected Luke was not too sure about this. He clung so tightly to me and did not want to get down to begin with. We bought some food so the kids could feed some of the animals and I did not think he would ever do that - but he ended up loving it!! He was more fond of the animals that were smaller than he was but he had such a great time. Our favorite moment with him was when he gave a cracker to a duck and if you have ever fed a duck you know how they snatch it right out of your hand - he jumped back so far!! It was hilarious!! He took it all very well and actually did it twice more then he wised up and just started throwing the food at them. He also called all the roosters and just about every other animal “daddy”!! It was soo funny - poor David! I think in my mommy opinion in his mind he is saying hey doggy … I know daddy - doggy they are a little close and he thinks every animal is a dog. So that is my theory. But whenever I see a rooster I am always going to think of Daddy aka my hubby David!

Nathan of course had a blast!! He said and did so many funny things! We came across a deer to begin with and the first words out of his mouth were “we should have brought our bow and arrows daddy!” Spoken like a true hunter! As we came to the goats there were several mama and baby goats and he just politely asked the goat “Do you know my friend Goober?” Goober is the goat that resides with the Pells! Nathan loves animals and he loves to talk to them. You will see in the pictures he enjoyed feeding them and held his nose as we passed the skunk! It was not a pleasant smell! When we came to where we could see the river he says “that river is not yellow.” Kids are so literal!! He loved all the animals and I love how we are able to explain that God makes all things even stinky skunks! We left the ranch a little bit after two and he wasn’t really looking forward to the ride home. (Except for seeing some helicopters on top of a building which he thought were blackhawks - they weren’t but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.) He is not a big fan of the interstate - I think it is because he associates the interstate with long rides in the car but I reminded him that we have to take the interstate to get to Florida and we love Florida because we can go to the beach. And he chimes in “oh yeah they have sand there and the ocean - is it still going?” David and I laughed sooooo hard!!! “Is the beach still going?” It was priceless!! We explained that it was still going and God is in control of the ocean.

We grilled out burgers for dinner, headed to soccer practice and then off to Daddy’s softball game. We had a great day and all my boys are sleeping soundly as I blog away!! Enjoy the pics!!!

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