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What a Day!

Posted on September 12, 2007 by Pruiksma's

Today was a rainy day so we decided that we would just go out and hit the town! For those of you that are not familiar with the Destin area it is a great shopping area. There is the Destin Silver Sands Outlet Mall and the new Destin Commons a really big version of the Avenue in Peachtree City. There is also the infamous Fuddpuckers Resteraunt where the feature is a live gator beach. You can hold a gator and have your picture made and you can feed the gators. Plus we had our beach pictures made last night so we had an appointment today to view them. Needless to say we had a full agenda for the day and since it was raining we did not feel as though we were missing beach or pool time!

I am sitting here at the computer listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach and reflecting on today and inside I am laughing hysterically. Hence the title of my blog……..what a day! Laughing mainly because David is not used to being around the boys 24/7 as I am and it is just humorous. I feel safe in sharing this because he would agree with me and laugh right along. He is a fabulous father and wonderful husband and we are thankful he has a great job where he is able to provide for his family! Okay enough said about that. I will try to give you insight to part of our day to help you see the humor but I am warning you that you probably won’t find any of this as funny as I do but that is okay. I am blogging so one day I can look back at this, read it and laugh all over again!

As I said earlier we wanted to do a little shopping and I had some returns to make. My husband is so awesome about getting me new clothes and he had picked up somethings earlier this week and I had to make a few exchanges. And we also had to view our pictures. But the main attraction of the day though was the gator resteraunt. Of course this is all Nathan could ask about. And you know a three year old really does not have much concept of time so he repeatedly asked us when it was going to be lunch and when were we going to see the gators or he often called them crocodiles. So we did our shopping some together and some where I just ran in and out of a store while David sat in the van with the boys. We viewed our pictures which were fabulous by the way. During this time Nathan was good but quite restless and Luke just wanted to be into everything. After this we headed to Fuddpuckers. We went mid-afternoon so not too many people were there which was nice. We got seated and began to look over our menus and Luke is throwing his papers on the floor then trying to take Nathan’s menu, and Nathan gets frusterated and so on. Luke also feels the need to try and stand up in his highchair so I am saying frequently “Luke sit down!” And for some reason Nathan felt it neccessary to talk really loudly. And anytime Luke is talking Nathan feels the need to talk over him soo you can only imagine! He was just displaying typical three year old behavior but it was a little much. At one point he sees our waitress and hollers “maam” and she comes over and then he says “do you have more sprite?” He had a cup full of sprite! It was so humorous and unneccessary. Poor David, he had already been sitting in the van with them for some time when I was running in and out of stores and now at the resteraunt the boys were being silly!! I made the statement that Daddy was going to be ready to go vacation at work when Luke throws down his cup we both just fell into hysterics it was so funny! Being with the boys all the time I am so used to the way Luke and Nathan were acting. They were not at all being disobedient or unruly they were just being boys who were full of energy. David says Nathan could run a power grid for the whole state of GA!! He is so full of life and so rambunctious! On the way back to the condo we passed a Taco Bell and he hollers “hey they have Taco Bells in Florida, do they give lunchables?” He is so random! Can you tell his dad is in the food chain business?? We are so thankful for both of our boys. God has blessed them with great health and we are grateful to be able to watch them run, play, be boys and say really silly things!!

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