Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Upscale Pizza

Yes it is true .... You have heard correctly Mr. Truett Cathy is opening up a pizza joint in what used to be MacAllisters Deli. We just recently found out that David will be the business consultant for the store as it will sort of follow the same protocol as Dwarf Houses/Truetts Grills. They will not be serving CFA. They will have milkshakes and there will be hot dogs and of course pizza! Yummo since I have been craving pizza with this pregnancy. And wonderful news to my ears they will have a Greek pizza one of my favorites!! Grand opening is Thursday so we hope to see you there!!

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Amy Cathy said...


Hey girl! So I really wish that we could've been back east for this momentous occation of Granddad opening a pizza joint! How funny is he? He told us at seminar and all the grandkids were like, "you're going to do WHAT?!". I love it though...he's always doing something unexpected.

The Bachelor...I'm heavily addicted. It's sad. What's even more sad is that I force Mark to watch it with me. Poor thing. He likes it deep down though. I would be all about a Bachelorette! I'm hoping that happens...

You're boys are adorable!! All that blonde hair! I'll have to add you to my blog list. I'm just glad that someone other than my mother finds my blog and reads it! ")

Hope you and your fam are doing well. Lets keep up!