Tuesday, April 22, 2008

an update

Posted on April 12, 2008 by Pruiksma's

So I have made a deal with myself….. no blogging, posting pictures etc etc until I have caught up on my reading. Finally I am caught up! Unfortunately you will not see any pictures tonight… maybe tomorrow or the next few days (if I keep up on my readings!!) I am not really sure where David put the camera and it is a little late and I have lots of pics to put up. I so enjoy reading other peoples blogs and wish I was as creative as they were with their sites! I just don’t really have the time. I am doing good to just keep updated! Which is what I thought I would do now as I sit here in the quiet and am inspired by other bloggers. So here goes….

David: He stays pretty busy!! Once again I am so thankful for his dedication to work because it allows me to be home dedicating my time to our family! He is finishing up his training for the new promotion he received at CFA back in December. He is working as an interim operator at Macland Crossing FSU in Marietta. In addition to that he is doing some work for his “real” Job. He should finish out in Marietta June 1 and be back at the home office on a regular basis. I recently had the privilege of meeting his management team at Macland and they are just awesome! I don’t know how he is going to leave them behind! He has invested so much time in their lives and it will be a sad departure for all! He still loves to get the boys all riled up when he gets home and they LOVE it! They very much love their daddy!! It is a joy to watch my kids with their dad as I don’t remember much about my time with my dad.

Nathan: my firstborn little man just turned 4!! Where does the time go??? We have enrolled him for preschool in the fall at Fayetteville First Baptist, however he informed me the other day he does not want to go because mommy won’t be there. Well he is still going! I think he will love it and it will be good for him. I am still praying about homeschooling so we shall see how this goes. Since the weather has been nice he has been able to be outdoors and he loves this as long as someone namely mommy or daddy is out there with him. He is very imaginative and loves to tell us stories here is one for you……We recently had communion at church and I was explaining about Jesus body being broken etc etc. Well I happened to cut my leg shaving the other day and thought it was a perfect example of the body being broken so I go through my spiel and he listens and then this is what he says ” When I was a boy I used to shave my face (pointing to his cheek, chin, nose, eyes etc) and my chin and nose and my eyes and my mom her name was Gwhitney she used to tell me not to shave my eyes.” And that was that I just nodded and said oh and we moved right along! He is something!!

Luke: my sweet little Luke will be 2 at the end of May!! He is sooooo different from Nathan! He is very independent, wants his shoes on all the time and LOVES food! He wants to eat all the time! He has recently started putting words together such as “here mama” and “Naney push” He calls Nathan “naney” and just recently started calling us mommy and daddy it is no wonder he added a “y” sound to Nathan because everyone in the family has it - mommy, daddy, even the cat lily so now Nathan is “naney”. He too loves playing outside. He gets soo dirty he has to get straight into the bathtub! Gotta love boys!!
We recently put the boys together in the same room. They have bunk beds and seem to be doing very well together. It is really sweet to watch them develop such love for one another. I do pray for their hearts that the Lord would penetrate his word straight to them and they would grow up to be Godly men seeking the Saviour always.

As for me - I am here wide awake!! I will be 15 weeks preggo on Sunday and I am anxious to find out whether we will be adding a boy or girl to our mix! We should find out sometime in May. I am starting to feel better as long as I don’t eat too little or too much! Nathan is so excited to be a big brother again. I am enjoying be active at church in the ladies ministry and children’s choir and I have just recently started meeting with a good friend for discipling purposes. Our times have been very fruitful and I am thankful the Lord has brought our paths together! Sad to say I have not been running! I am hoping to get back into an exercise routine on Monday - we shall see how it goes! That is about it for now! I will hopefully get some pictures up here soon I have many!!!


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