Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two weeks I soon won't forget

Posted on February 6, 2008 by Pruiksma's

I know it has been a good while since I last posted. I think my last post was our first snow and then two days after that we had another snow and of course I took many pictures and a few videos and just haven’t posted them. Sorry!

As many of you know David has been out of pocket training for his new position at Chick-fil-a. He graduated from his FRL (Fundamentals of Resteraunt Leadership) on Thursday January 31 and did I bring my camera ….of course not!! It was a nice ceremony and we were so proud of him!! He is now in training in Covington and in two weeks we leave for our annual CFA seminar.
On January 28 I turned 29 woo hoo! And what a week I had and it hasn’t stopped!! Sunday the 27th I brought Luke home early from church because he developed pink eye, then Monday morning Nathan wakes up with pink eye - big suprise! During the morning he takes a tumble and busts his lip and knocks his tooth back so we made an emergency run to the Dentist. Thank goodness for my friend Angie who met me there to sit with Luke in the car because remember he has pink eye! Tuesday night I staretd feeling bad with a sore throat. Wednesday Nathan wakes up early screaming and crying his ears hurt - he had a double ear infection. I am still feeling bad. Friday I go to the doctor and get tested for strep - don’t have it. Saturday David finds a doctor open and he has a double ear infection. Sunday I wake up with pink eye. Monday I call the doctor and get some antibiotics and eye drops finally!!! Today almost two weeks later I am finally starting to feel better! Hence why I have not blogged!!

We have much to be thankful for and the Lord tells us to give thanks in all situations. And we are thankful. It is during weeks like these that I am reminded what a gift it is to be healthy. We have many friends who face uncertainties with thier health right now and I am blessed to have a pretty health family. We are undeserving of the good health we have and that makes me even more grateful for what the Lord has blessed us with.

And in other news we will be adding to our family in late September/early October. You are reading right or maybe you have heard ….YES we are pregnant!! We are all so excited!! Something else we are very thankful for!!

Well that is about all for now. Here is a slideshow of some recent pictures we have taken! Enjoy!

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